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Never Still October 28, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
What a weekend!
Saturday – Checkup and then headed for gym. It wasn’t the brightest idea to go to the gym after a blood test but I managed to get some weights done. Went shopping for food for the dinner on Sunday. Made sure I slept early.
Sunday – Got up and headed for the Women’s GE Run. The problem with not checking emails during the weekend is that well.. I had no idea where the new starting point was and I was so annoyed and sweaty before the race, part of me just wanted to go home! Finally found it at 8.40am (race was supposed to start at 8.30am for 5km runners) I was right at the back. The plus point was that all that walking was a great warm up, the downside being at the back SUCKS. Weaving my way pass all the walkers, I noticed that everyone had someone; a friend, a mom, a group…and I was like..shit I’m alone… again. It was kinda sad in a lame way, I guess I need to widen my net and meet more friends who are more into sports and fitness but… urgh, making new friends is so hard. I guess it’d be nice to have someone besides R for motivation. Anyways, I got over myself and I think I did pretty well, I was jogging a lot and walked only when I had to, I kinda tagged these 2 aussie girls and basically did my best to keep up with them. According to my watch, I crossed the starting line at 8.45am and finishing line around 9.16am. Didn’t see R at the finishing line cos I told him I’d take like 40 – 45 minutes . Heck I even ‘sprinted’ the last 100m, just felt great to finish and unlike the tri, cos it was just a 5km run I had energy left. Woot. Next year, the 10km cos I want that medal!!

My personal cheerleader and behind somewhere… Teck, thanks for lending me your handphone!
Got home and after bunch, I had to get cracking on my version of a Tapas Dinner for the family. I didn’t get any photos cos I was busy in the kitchen and by the time I could breath and think, most of the food was gone.
One the Menu
Garlic Bread
Calamari with Tomato Dip
Rocket with Parma Ham wrap
Roasted Tomatoes with Spicy Baked Potatos
Cauliflower with Carrots & Cheese (no one was into this, blah)
Chicken with Balsamic and Sweet Onions
Grilled Pork with Chili Pineapple Chutney
Spicy Beef Wraps
Baked Popiah with Chocolate & Cherries/ Blackberries  
And yes, I made all of them, well, I didn’t bake the bread or make the wraps but you get the idea. It was my first real dinner party for the in laws and my parents (total 13 ppl) and it was a success… of course with was a lil whinging about the lack of rice. Haiz. My feet hurt.
Monday – Woke up, walked the dog, stayed up to digest breakfast and then back to sleep till 1.30pm. Met Venene for dinner and the poor girl is freaking out about her wedding this Saturday. Can’t wait to get all dressed up!! Wen… I need to go for a pedi & mani!!
Weights for all body bits
200 situps
5km run


1. Vendy - October 28, 2008

thanks for the chocolate with cherry/ bberry popiah- they were yummy! and I popped the whole in my mouth
and there was a squishy chocberry explosion- i like super much 😉
Mani pedi would be faaab! my toes are disgustingly under dressed- am suffering through covered flats this week.

2. Marie - October 28, 2008

I am pleased.

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