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Good Foodie Weekend November 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Since we didn’t have any Halloween plans and no gym plans, I got bored and made R drive me to get stuff for .. what I call… The Ugly Apple cake. I got it off Smitten Kitchen’s blog…she’s got good stuff and amazing foodie pictures. Anyways, I changed it a lil (less sugar, more OJ, grapeseed oil and I roasted the walnuts) and by 10.30pm we got the first batch of the cupcake version and the the big fug cake took a whole hour!! Anyways, it was yum and I made lots. With some goodness in my tummy, we watched The Orphanage. A must see.
There was one more cake, brought it to the office
Saturday, woke up and it was raining, Stomper refused to let me get back to sleep!! Dragged my ass to Wen’s place for a Post Halloween Brunch with some of the girls and to watch the movie. They were entertaining. I caught a cold and the appointment for the pedi/mani was a no go…also cos Posh Nails is shit and seriously I need to start doing my own nails again, the prices keep going up and the service isn’t getting better. Anyways, got home, popped too many yellow pill and got 2 hours of sleep, I woke up sans the cold but with shaky hands and totally stoned. It was extra hard to get simple eyeliner on! Anyways, Ven’s wedding was simple (in the most decadence manner) and sweet and the food at Shangri La ROCKED.
I had to have some Halloween fun. Too bad, it’s too small for her, thanks Wen! If you can’t see the video CLICK
@ Venene’s Wedding
Sunday, woke up early-ish again and made it to mass (everyone now…Wow) at St Peter & Paul… ok, no aircon, 10am mass wasn’t a great idea but I had to go pay respects to my grandparents. Had lunch with the folks, yummy chicken rice, indian rojak and a bit of my dad’s mee goreng. R just had a lil bit of the satanic food and then ordered wanton noodles. Discipline … he has it. Got home for a nice afternoon nap which lasted too long and hence we had to skip our run. Made a salad, fish fingers and clam chowder for dinner. Simple, warm and good.


1. Vendy - November 3, 2008

posh Nails IS shit…
the damned woman kept sighing and going " I can only do my best" at my nails.
yes, my nails are crap- but that\’s not going to get me to sign up again anytime this century.

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