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Lance Lance November 4, 2008

Posted by Marie in Music.
I like dancing… I’m not great at it but I’m not a total retard either. I  watching MTV and dancing around like a social misfit sometimes. Like, before I go to work, MTV used to be on and if there was a good song playing, I’d dance a little, especially when I used to get ready to clubbing I’d put on 50 Cent or DC and get into it. I used to dance in my living room, usually when no one’s home… sometimes my mom’s in the loo and I’ll get up and dance, she’ll walk in and I’ll stop and she’s start giggling and force me to carry on and we’ll dance for a bit. So.. I know I say this often enough… I gotta have my own place lahhhhhhh…and right now I miss my old place .
Anyways, this would be a song I’d be doing a spaz dance to… Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne – Let it Rock


1. Vendy - November 5, 2008

I so know that feeling- i loved to turn the volume up real high and lance lance in the hall/ room at my ol\’ place too.

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