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The Funnies November 4, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I hate to admit it but I kinda laughed harder at Angelo Tsarouchas than Russell Peters. So yeah, there was a 13 year old boy, a German, a Brit, a white dude with a Mexican mom, Portuguese dad who was born in Hawaii who looked totally white complete with the reddish brown hair…and he basically focused on them. Hardly any timed jokes … I don’t know, it was funny… don’t get me wrong but not as funny as his show in 2006. He did do the ‘Somebody is gonna get hurt real bad’ bit at the end. Now I’m just hoping for Ralphie May.
Anyways… what up with some people and the way they laugh… like it’s forced or something… like the one dude behind me DID NOT get the jokes, I’m sure of it, I bet he didn’t comprehend a single thing…cos he’s laugh was so fake, so annoying and so forced like he was spitting out his Har Har Har… I wanted  to just smack him.
Since I’m on the topic of funnies… I think I’ll be heading for Chevys this Friday.. and part of me wants to go cos basically my Aunt is in town but.. the other part of me is seriously dreading it cos.. that’s where 30 somethings go to clubbing death. Like, I’m just not cool enough for Zouk/ Velvet or even Attica anymore.. so I’m off to Chevy’s were I belong. My excuse is gonna be… I’m there to chill with my mom and my aunts and I hear the band’s really good. Now please … I have to arrange a clubbing night with da bitches real soon.


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