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Crappy Weekend November 10, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
The dinner on Sat was freaking nuts, I have so many things to bitch about but like…what’s the point? It’s over and I doubt we’ll ever agree to another 1.5 hour setup ever again. That being said… I do have one gripe… when I say… put the individual menu on top of the plate, don’t ignore me and shove them under the spoon and chopsticks COS IT MAKES IT A BITCH WHEN YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SETTINGS OR YOU’VE MADE A MISTAKE AND HAVE TO CHANGE THE MENU!! Argh.
Ok moving on…. got home at like 1.30am on Sunday, slept most of the AM, R got home and we headed the airport for some fried chicken (argh… I forgot my biscuit breakfast ). Chilled at home a lil bit and then went to dinner with my folks, Aunt Lot & Uncle Andy. Indian food, I like it but boy does it move me… no talking on the way home cos I made R focus on the road so I could get home ASAP.
So yeah, it’s been a shitty weekend and I feel like…well… crap and I’m back in the office cos I have to go through ugly photos and put together a lovely scrapbook for someone I don’t particularly like…ain’t life grand?


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