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57 Chevy November 12, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I know I’m getting older but.. no, Chevys is just not my kinda joint. The band was pretty okay, the music was a bit loud (I mean if no one is dancing and ppl are chilling… they’ll be talking, right… bit softer lah) and the drinks were quite cheap. The sad bit was well… I saw an old school ‘friends’ dad and he was with another much younger flaky looking woman… and he saw me did a double take and looked a lil guilty… then again he knows my mom and R so I dunno he might have been looking at them too… whatever, he’s cheating on his wife… now this woman is/was a bitch and I can’t say I blame him but it made me feel a lil disappointed.
Still we had a few laughs and I took a few pictures with N73. My P&S camera has died… finally and my phone is dying too. Grrrr.
Aunts N, Lot, Mom and moi
R and Uncle Andy
R made me promise to go bowling in exchange for coming along *blah*


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