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Lusting November 13, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Some girls love bags and shoes and well… I do love them too but I cringe at spending more than SGD180 on a pair of shoes and more than SGD 400 on a bag and only in leather. Gimme a camera or a good phone and I’m in freaking lust! It takes a lot to make me feel this way… I felt it for the G9 but R got me better and I’ve been looking for a new P& S and I think I might have just found one!! Filled with goodies, sexy as hell and small enough to keep me company all the time. Looks like my SLR is gonna be getting a cheaper lens  and I’ll need a new camera bag. I don’t care how much it cost… I must HAVE IT!!


1. Mei Hui - November 13, 2008

Was that a dig at me and my recent bags? I don\’t have shoes more than SGD180 tho…

2. Marie - November 13, 2008

no lah! I love your bags, if you weren\’t my friend then yes I\’d be jealous

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