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Pounding on Rubber November 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
MH tells me yesterday was World Kindness Day, now being the bitch that I am, I try and even out my karma by being helpful and nice to people who aren’t general assholes. So when this girl had problems with her threadmill and since all the trainers at CaliFit are idiots or lazy.. I helped her out, cos it took more than 2 mins my machine reset on me grrrr… but that’s ok … BUT… when after two minutes of ‘running’ at 5.8…she picks up the phone and starts yaking and gossiping and reduces the speed to 4.8 and carries on for another 30 mins… I had to resist telling her off. Seriously, where do these people come from? I mean she was loud and everyone around her is looking annoyed…come on! Argh. I did managed to run 6km in 41 minutes! Woot! The aim is to get to 10km in less than 1.5 hrs, my legs hurt already but that’s the aim and heck I never thought I could run/walk 5km ever either.
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L6, 298 cals burnt
Situps :: 100
Inner and Outter Thing Thingy :: 20reps x 3 sets each, 40
Run:: 6km, 41 mins


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