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Poxy Lady November 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
I had a blood test done and R has been bugging me about getting chicken pox jab. I don’t want it, I never had chicken pox, not when close friends got it, not when John got it…. so I decided I might just be one of those special people who will never get chicken pox and then one day when I’m old and weak, I’ll get it at 86 and die. R’s worried that one day, when I ‘fall’ pregnant it’ll be harmful etc so fine the doctor says she can check for it.
Guess what… I am special, seems I’m one of those special people who got chicken pox and didn’t even know it. Seriously, I think I’d notice if I had itchy spots, aches etc… I mean, I hate anything itchy and will scratch till I bleed and it hurts , cos pain is so much easier to handle. So I would know. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones who just have a natural immunity. Still, if you have chicken pox, stay away from me. Ew.


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