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The Great Weekend that Wasn’t November 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
It started out great. I got the friday afternoon off and didn’t have much to do in town so I got home early and made Poppyseed Lemon with Blackberry cupcakes (which I forgot to bring to the office! Argh!!). Also made dinner for R and I, lamb for him and pork for moi.
On Saturday, I had plans, I like having plans. We got to the gym in time for Pump and I did another 3km run, it was a great workout cos I was in pain on Sunday. Got home, 30 minute power nap and the started making Liver Treats. Got to East Coast with Ann and our doggies to meet Giggs…after say… 5 years. It’s been a long time and she can’t remember me, which broke my heart at first but then I realised it’s a good thing, cos she’s moved on and now I’m just the kind lady that sends her treats once or twice a year. She old but in her usual snobby grand old dame way. It was strange to see her like this , not jumping all over me, she’ll all lady-like now, slower and still sweet. So after and hour at the beach I was covered with sand and scratches. Got home, rushed and got to Tampines for dinner and the new Bond movie. I like it, but it’s a bit short right? I guess it’s always good when a movie leaves you wanting more, oh and that Olga Kurylenko is hot lah, so Maggie Q.
Sunday… sigh… not so great, I’m annoyed, grumpy and my body ached. Finally, I get fed up of feeling all sorry for myself and got outta bed, popped panadol and we headed to the airport for burgers and ice-cream. Woot! In the evening, we drove (with food & Stomper) to my parents place for dinner, 45 mins of Russell Peters and Skype with John. I got home thinking… ok, there were a few bumps but overall it was a pretty fab weekend and THEN…. I find out the maid is leaving, she’s been lying and I dunno the full story but sigh… I’m worried about the holidays in Dec and leaving Stomper behind . Didn’t get much sleep last night and now I’m sniffing. Blah.
Pump :: 1hour
Run :: 3.3km, 200 cals, 3km in 21 min *blah*


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