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Random-ness November 28, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Yesterday, I got outta the campus early and was all happy happy joy joy that I’d be able to do a run before class but for some reason I decided to just checkout DP and managed to get a pair of jeans, remembered the sms Wen sent and had it reserved. Called Ann to ask if she could help me pick it up tmr (meaning today)… thanks goodness cos the SPECIAL SALE THINGY was yesterday (Thurs) not today (Fri, confused?) like it had said in the sms!! Went back to get the jeans, $89, got it for $54!! Just cos I whispered "Closet Therapy" ahaha.
I can’t believe in a week I’ll be off to Saigon! I remember when we first booked the flight we were like aw man… 2 months plus! Seems AGES away. Now it’s just around the corner and I still have stuff to get…. like luggage and a P&S. The lack of a good bonus this year (if any at all) bites  but hey, at least I have a job right… half empty, half full.
I think Axl has a cold, we’ll get it sorted when we go to the vet tmr so get his final shot. Fingers crossed. I can’t wait to get him in the water when he’s a little older!
Haven’t had much gym time cos I was looking after a VIP (she’s a lovely lady who demands hugs). Only managed on Thursday and I need to go on Sat maybe I’ll do pump & run but my triceps are hurting badly. Signed up for the Aquathlon in Feb… would really prefer to do the Duathlon but 1. the 750m swim is my weakness, this would be good practice for the Tri in July and 2. I have Open House the weekend of the Duathlon.
Chest & arms
Run :: 3km
Situps :: 100


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