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2 days to HCMC December 4, 2008

Posted by Marie in Travel.

So it’s a mix between fear, panic, joy …. cos 1. I feel horrible every time I leave my babies 2. I would really like to fit in one gym session but I know that would leave me with too little time with them 3. I really have to pack tonight and I’m NOT super fond of packing 4. all the Vietnamese spelling/words make me confused beyond words, seriously, give me Japanese, Chinese even Korean and I think I’ll be more comfortable… Niah, Ð, Thian, Binh, Boh, Hia, Ai, Hua etc.. WHAT? UH? My poor brain refuses to comprehend!! So I’m gonna be a total bimbo with the map.


That being said, I’m praying for good weather but I’m bringing my rain coat (which I still haven’t worn, got it for Cambodia). Oh oh… and I got my suitcase and love it…wish it was a wee bit bigger but seriously I need to pack smart…always over packing. Wish me luck.



1. Mei Hui - December 4, 2008

I made it 15+ days in the US in late autumn with 1 cabin luggage and a small backpack. I am sure you can make it to HCMH with 1 suitcase.

2. Marie - December 5, 2008

my skincare takes up a lotta space ;(

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