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The Good, The Bad, The Merry December 29, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.

It was so hard to get outta bed this morning. I mean seriously I’ve worked a total of 7 days before Christmas add in today and tmr… 9 days in December! Sadly that’s gonna end very very soon. I’ve had a cold nearly every morning since coming back from Phuket, sniff sniff sniff. I feel like a whale but I did make it to the gym on Sat for Pump and some cardio, still can’t run. Did a lil shopping, got home napped, got a cold and couldn’t head for Zouk. On Sunday, we made it for mass early!! I tell ya, I was actually giddy from the choice of seats!! ahaha, so lame. Bored at home I decided to groom Axl, he looks even smaller and more like a 3mth old kitten than a dog and I think all that stress made his cough come back but …. he really needed a haircut. I hope with enough rest the cough will go away, every time we see the vet it’s over a 100 bucks a pop and the longer I can’t sleep in the comfort of air-conditioning!!


What about Christmas Day? Well, it was madness as usual and as usual, I looked at Allen and say… "next year no party ok?" He replies…" I only wish you were serious." Blah. I like getting things done, making sure the food is out, warm etc but… I dunno, when people come early, late…. it throws me off and I try not let it get to me but sometimes when you think about it, it’s just rude and why do I wanna ‘serve’ & entertain rude people, when they don’t care how their actions cause me & my Mom to panic etc… Blah. Ok… HAPPY THOUGHTS!!


Anyways, it was Merry…. and I got what I asked for – My Starfish earrings from R, my Polar Watch from the Pents, a necessary Camera Bag from the girls! Woot!



Body Pump

Crosstrainer, 20 mins, L5, 210 cals burnt



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