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Hate is such a strong word… January 5, 2009

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I pretty much slept the weekend away. We had plans, kinda, but I was just too lazy to really DO anything and if it didn’t need to be done I didn’t wanna do it. I did manage a bit of a swim at Wen’s, which was very nice till it rained. ahaha. I also go a lil sick after eating carrot cake *gag* it was just wayyyy too oily and just not as good as the ones in Marine Parade, Newton or Changi Village.
Today is the start of real work, after a MONTH of hardly working and many many many off days, I think I was suffering from the blues, I hated the thought of waking up this morning and leaving my puppies at home.  I hate the fact it I’m now sitting at my computer under harsh white lights. I hate that I have to get up soon to pee and that I have to tap my card to get back in, I hate that I’ll have to move outta my lovely office with a very nice view to another smaller darker office where… part of my view is the carpark (always hate moving). I also hate that I have a cold more often now and that ohmygawd if I don’t get up and pee soon I’m gonna freaking explode!
But the way, my new site is coming along and I can even password protect some of my entries…. so gonna miss this blog.


1. Vendy - January 5, 2009

i share your pain… i hate that my office moved away from Orchard, where I used to shop at Topshop, Massimo and Zara. Now I have Tanjong Pagar market… I used to have lunch at TCC, McD\’s, Tonkichi and Marmalade, now I have the glorious choice of Maxwell market or some other market. Sigh- yes, my dear friend- I\’m shallow, deeply shallow 😉

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