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He’s small, black & likes corners January 7, 2009

Posted by Marie in Pets.
We left Axl outside yesterday. I went to sleep early and Stomper aka my shadow followed me, I waited with the door open for a bit but didn’t see Axl, so I went to sleep thinking R will bring him in later for sure. At 4.30am, I hear a lil whining and scratching, thought…crap, Axl wants up on the bed, I’ll just ignore him and zzzz. At 6.30am, Stomper wakes me up and I put my hand down and usually Axl will paw at it and nibble and I’ll pat him… this morning… he wasn’t there. So I was like …crap, he’s stuck under the bed, poor baby must have been stuck there for hours. But no, he wasn’t there. Woke R up "did you bring Axl in last night?" "No, I thought he’d follow Stomper…." oh crap, we left him alone outside!!
I tell you I felt so guilty!! I brought them down for their morning walk instead of letting the maid do it. Sigh… he’s small, black and likes corners… that’s my excuse.
Axl on the sofa
Stomper & Axl …awwwww


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