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I’d Scram January 7, 2009

Posted by Marie in Gripes.

Yesterday, a girl got between my hormones and the slowest new lift ever. Kids these days, argh!! I mean she was at least 10 and had the stupidity to hit every single button for every floor. I mean seriously, it’s not 3pm  on a quiet afternoon, it’s 7pm and people who pay taxes that subsidise your school fees are dying to get home to some puppy loving. So she got a scolding … I mean I’m no angel but if it were me… and an adult was scolding me, I’d scram. But NOOOOO, not kids these days!! She had the cheek to glare at me, so she got the full treatment; how old are you, I can’t believe how stupid you are, I can’t believe you’re still staring at me and ohmygawd, don’t you know how to apologise!!??

The problem is frankly the parents, I can understand it if a 4 year old starts hitting the buttons and usually I think the parents should stop that kinda behaviour ASAP… but fine, kids, I know have a thing about buttons. Parents… no matter how many classes you send your kids to and how great your maid is, it’s your duty to teach them common courtesy or at least to run when a mad lady starts scolding them.



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