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Weekend January 12, 2009

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Sat was lovely, lazed a little then headed to town for a facial and my mom got a massage, walked around a little by 6.30pm, I was tired and I suggested taking a taxi…yes, me. Cos well, i really didn’t wanna spoil the day with the mrt ride home. The mother was shocked at the fare . Thought I was suppose to meet my cousin but she never rang, figured she was busy and lazed the rest of the night away till we got news that Tito’s dad passed away suddenly.
So Sunday, we went for mass and then to pay our respects, yes, I’m slowly getting over my fear of dead people and yes, I still can’t deal with the open casket, I stand at an angle, say a pray and remove myself. It sucked to see Tito so sad, he’s usually the crazy happy big guy. Tried to get a lil nap in the afternoon, didn’t succeed, brought the 2 crazy mutts to the park for a run, skip and a hop. Then rushed to my mom’s place for dinner and to try bonding a weeee lil bit with my niece. fyi, dinner rocked!!


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