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CNY January 28, 2009

Posted by Marie in Randomness.

So how was your long weekend? Well… mine started with a drill. I had to have a root canal on Friday morning, visit a doctor in the afternoon, felt better by the evening and went to get ribs. R says I rock. ahahaha

On Sat we did the Hort Park walk all the way to Mount Faber. I’ll post pictures when I can. The weather was lovely so even at 11am it was pretty darn cool. Got the new camera bag out and every thing. Now I really want a tripod! Darn it.

Sunday, I pretty much slept, showered the dogs till it was time for dinner. No steamboat this year, bit disappointing. But it was great to have the whole family…well my Mom and Dad sans John around with R’s family.

Monday, we kinda made it to the gym, I say kinda cos we had like an hour so there was just enough time for cardio and that’s it. Watched Doubt after watching Mamma Mia like a week ago…. all I can say is, wow Meryl Streep is a great actress.

Tuesday, went visiting and gave out red packets for the first time, more sleeping and playing with the puppies. I guess, it’s been a pretty great chill out long weekend.



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