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Axl the Asshole February 20, 2009

Posted by Marie in Pets, Whine.

It was 11pm, R took the puppies down for their last loo break while I took a shower. Just before I stepped in, I get a knock and R is shoving Axl at me and demanding I smell him. Of course I get a lick and yuck! the damn dog has eaten shit again. Sigh, yes, I now have 2 shit eating dogs. It’s one thing to eat their own poo (something neither have done before) they are so anal they can’t poo and pee on the same piece of paper but eating some other random dogs poop is A_freaking_OKAY!!!! They get fed very well, 5star Wellness Organic dry food mixed with good wet food, salmon x 2 a month, ground beef and pork sometimes and loads of good quality treats. Still they get their kicks from eating other damn dogs (who’s owners are also MAJOR ASSHOLES who haven’t learnt to clean up after their dogs!!) poop!!

Stomper’s done it twice and she’s been majorly punished and ignored so I think  she’s gotten it outta her system and now Axl starts. Argh! Had to wash his mouth out with soap, punished him and R had to give him a deworming tablet this afternoon. R’s pretty traumatised because well, he’s seen me angry at them when they eat crap but I don’t think he’s ever had to deal with the  disappointment, repulsion, anger and just the eeew factor involved when dogs do something so vile on his watch. Poor dude.

So I’m in bed and insist we read for a bit cos I’m hooked on Twilight *raises eyebrow* so he leaves the light on and walks to his side of the bed and just stands there, this look of shock and disbelief on his face so I’m like… “What?” He shakes his head “that asshole” I’m like uh? So I roll over and Axl’s shat on the floor on his side. I really can’t stand it and laugh and laugh and then Axl gets another spanking and sent to his cage again. Sigh.

15 mins later, the husband lets him out and the lil asshole actually come at us, tail all waging….till he sees the look on our faces and just gets in his bed, curls up and goes to sleep. Boys! Stomper will be all ashamed and please love me, I didn’t mean to be such a cow… Axl is just an … you guessed it…ASSHOLE.

So the next time you think I’m mean cos I think my lil cute black puppy is an asshole, I’m actually being kind, he’s just lucky we didn’t flush him down the loo.



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