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Yesterday February 26, 2009

Posted by Marie in Gripes, Pets.

I took a sickie and slept and slept and slept. While watching the Britney documentary, I was thinking about what a good day this has been. Then at 11pm, R makes me move to the room cos he wanted to watch Ghost Hunters *blah*. So I walk into our room, to the TV and GASP… a HUGE puddle of PISS on his side of the bed. I looked at Axl and looked at Stomper and Axl usually pees small puddles plus he can hardly get up on the bed. Stomper!! My heart actually stopped then anger took over, oh the betrayal. She got spanked and then punish and has lost her sleeping on the bed privileges. The thing is, I know she’d let Axl take the blame for this if she could and I also suspect that the reason she did it was cos she was annoyed that R was giving Axl attention a mere 10 mins before I discovered the puddle of piss, I saw that look on her face and chose to ignore it. I’m just thankful that I had a blanket and 2 sheets covering the bed so very little got to the mattress. That being said I really need to get a mattress pad. 

Anyways, the only reason why Stomper was allowed back in the room instead of spending the night in the kitchen was Axl. He’s an asshole but he’s such a darling with the heart of a saint. He refused to come into the room, instead he insisted on being by her side and crawled into a plastic basket where we keep the clothes pegs, in the corner to sleep. That people, is what love is all about.



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