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Mean Monday March 9, 2009

Posted by Marie in Whine.

So it’s Monday and I really didn’t wanna get up this morning. I had a bad cold on Sat and my back kinda went into spasms on Sunday while grooming Stomper (I have two very neat looking puppies, pictures soon, I promise.) Hence, waking up to get to work when I have better things to do do like… I dunno…my nails, waxing my legs, gym and touching up my roots… was rather challenging. Some way or the other I need to at least get to the gym once and my roots done! It’s gonna be a hell-ish week because I’ll be working the whole weekend! Sob. So anyways, I’m not my usual chirpy *cough* self today.

Then I come across photos of Rachel Ray. Now I can’t stand her. I find her show boring and well… retarded, the recipes do little to turn me on and her voice! Oh the voice grates! The woman has no neck and I think she’s just cruel to inflict these photos on the innocent public. We all know she’s been photo-shopped like crazy but it makes her lack of neck and already enlarged head… well…. a bit much no? Urgh, anyways, I thought I’d share my pain cos I really cannot understand why people like her…she’s no Oprah that’s for sure and she just…. bugs!






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