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Poor Axl March 26, 2009

Posted by Marie in Pets.

Now, I know my dogs hygiene isn’t top rated, but without fail either Da Man aka R or myself brush their teeth, I have an aunt that cleans her dog’s teeth EVERYDAY, she doesn’t work. So the weekly cleaning means that they don’t have bad breath and yellow teeth… but I guess it doesn’t stop Axl from chewing on god only knows what.. that he got his tooth chipped and his molar at that. Sigh. I was wondering why he’s breath was funny. So now it’s off to the vet tomorrow to get his tooth and him fixed, we’ll be broke ass again this month.

I can’t stress the importance of showering, cleaning your dogs ears and teeth yourself. Sure you can let your maid do it but then you don’t get the early warning signs and frankly they (the help) don’t love  your dog as much as you should. If I wasn’t so in tuned to my puppies, frankly I wouldn’t notice that there was something wrong with the poor lil fella’s tooth.



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