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Tomorrow is My Birthday March 31, 2009

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy, lOve, Whine.

Still waiting for Ann’s pictures from my b’day dinner so I took 2 pictures off Pris’s facebook :).

Flower Powder

How Old!?

Things I need to learn…
1. Out source dessert? Cooking everything myself wasn’t easy even when I have a helper cos I’m a control freak. On the menu was Rocket with Parma, Calamari, Mushrooms baked with Chery Tomatoes, Spiced Potatoes, Curried Prawns, Meatballs (pork & chicken) with mint yogurt and Fajitas and then Puff Pastry (kinda) wih Chocolate and Cherries.

2. Hold a knife the right way so avoid sprains?

3. That I’m always grateful for the lovely gifts my friends get me

4. That my husband is always there for me… I wanted to KILL the pastry

5. That I should get my own birthday cake but then it wont have Princess Supastar on it *Sulk*

I am....

I am....



1. kayes - March 31, 2009

happy birthday to you.

2. MH - April 2, 2009

Can I be super vain and say my hair looks great in the funny face pix? heh.

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