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B’day Round Up April 2, 2009

Posted by Marie in Uncategorized.

I really wanted to take a picture of ALL my lovely presents but I’ve been just too tired and I tried to watch the Twilight movie and …yawn, I do prefer the book.

So I got creams from the girls which I totally need in my current state, dog collars from the M’s, which I love but Axl needs a cat collar I think, sigh… and of course my darling husband… the story goes…

31 March, I was being a cow… hormones or the fact that he knows I’m a pain in the arse in general but he’s nice to me and tells me at 11ish that I don’t have to stay awake and I can open my present and pulls out this longish big present.. hmm… good things never come in big packages, enter the bedroom and rip open the wrapping, yay, it’s a tripod, something I’ve been meaning to get but couldn’t decided which type etc. So I’m like gushing a lil cos I know we’re not supposed to be spending too much moolah on presents this year or till we get our own place and then I decide there and then that I simply must get a G10 instead of a point and shoot.

I go brush my teeth and get ready fo bed, arranging my pillows and GASP, GRIN, GUSH… a spanking new Canon G10!! Awwwww! Only diamonds, watches and cameras make me react this way.

P/S Happy B’day Mei Hui!!



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