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My Very Own Marley April 14, 2009

Posted by Marie in Gripes, Pets.

I love my puppies. Yes, I think that Stomper is just stellar on most days, I know she’s far from perfect but she’s mostly perfect to me. Axl… is just so far from normal it’s not even funny any more. First of all he has a thing for pooing and peeing on the dining room carpet cos it’s hard to find the pee spots and we don’t use the area very often so no one usually notices  the poop till I sniff and go… I smell poop and/ or pee. That poor carpet is due for a proper cleaning soon. Then there’s the poop munching, I haven’t a clue what to do cos I can’t give him anything to make him stop, keeping him on  the leash doesn’t always help cos he still manages to find a way… it’s like a mission to him… MUST FIND TASTY BROWN STUFF THAT SMELLS NASTY JUST SO THAT MOMMY WILL SCREAM, HER HAIR GOES ALL CRAZY, HER EYES BULGE AND I GET A GOOD OL’ SPANKING… crap…maybe I didn’t think it through… but Mom’s eye bulging is pretty damn funny.

Just when I think that lil asshole can’t get any worse… this morning I woke up and opened the door for him and this mid sized roach runs into the room, I’m trying to move Axl out of the room so I can kill it but the idiot goes and……….. come on, guess…………….  &*#*^#*(%#&*%#^&+#$  EATS IT! HE ATE A ROACH. Argh, I nearly had a heart attack. Poor R had a rude wake up call to me screaming DROP IT DROP IT and though I didn’t get a heart attack, I did get a headache. I just don’t know what to do with Axl, besides feed him fruit loops so that he’ll stop thinking that everything brown is tasty. Sigh… aren’t poodles suppose to be clever?

He did puke a lil after and I just pray he doesn’t get really sick… all this is just making the task of of snipping off his testicles, so much easier… something I’m looking forward to even. Grrr.



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