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It’s Gettin’ Hot In Herre… April 20, 2009

Posted by Marie in Randomness.

I’m a lil tired, not sleepy… tired. Which when you think about it is a good thing, a weekend worth living. Long gone are the days when I went clubbing every single Friday and some Saturdays, sometimes I’d rest on Sat and then go cycle at Ubin or wake-board. So I’d work all week and then trash myself during the weekend but my oh my it was FUN.

This weekend was great, Friday night, went to visit Flo, Trev & their new addition Vic, cutness. Flo ordered these great chicken wings, I must get the number from her. I was tired on Sat because I do hate waiting and waiting plus it was so bloody hot, even being in town was a chore and my feet hurt really badly even in flip flops. Did the good kid thing and had tea with the parents (really all I wanted to do was zzzzzzzzzz). On Sunday, I have to say I was proud of the girls, no one whined, no one bitched, everyone had a great sweaty time. Had a lovely afternoon nap, got the dogs out for a bit of a run…. them, not me and gave them their showers. I dunno, I guess weekends like this make me feel accomplished, it wasn’t a weekend wasted. However, I had a shitty sleep last night, it was so freaking hot! I’ve trained my body to sleep without the air-con, go green and all but it’s madness, even with the a/c on, I’m sweating! So now I have the a/c and the fan on. 😦



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