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Eating 101 April 27, 2009

Posted by Marie in Grub.

Eating 101 – don’t over do it. Will I ever learn? Nah.

On Friday we had a work event and the highlight (to me), was the buffet by Hyatt and ohmyword, it’s been ages since I’ve had good roast and mash potatoes! I can’t eat like I used to these days and by the end of the night if I tilted, I’d puke. Then on Saturday, it was the husband’s ‘SIN’ day and he went nutters over local hawker delights, it’s been ages since I had carrot cake and whoa it was delish… but I could feel it coming back up the whole.night.long. See when you’re pregnant, you just have less space and it really damages the eating threshold.

This coming weekend, more eating! Brunch for Wen’s b’day  (changed to next weekend) and Dim Sum lunch BUFFET for my Mom’s b’day and on Monday, I’m on half day to take my Aunt out and we’re heading to Lil India and Arab Street! I love Indian and Malay food! I’m such a swine.



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