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One of THEM days April 28, 2009

Posted by Marie in Gripes, Whine.

I’ve been trying to be positive, surround myself with light, lightness, light-hearted people and all that shit.

It’s hard and sometimes it just grates when eg. men on the bus feel just cos they’re men they can crowd your space! Dude, we pay the same bus fare, close your legs and hug yourself and stop invading my space! People brushing pass you, now I’m all for rugby but now, in this state and it’s annoys me when people don’t even say excuse me… again GET OUTTA MY SPACE and do not touch me. Then the husband goes for a run, all sweaty and hotness but ohmyword the stink and he refuses to shower, argh, till I pass like 5 snide remarks he finally gives up  says I’m awful and heads to the shower. I was a right grumpus yesterday.

Point is, I’m feeling even shittier today! My nose won’t quit, my skin feels sensitive, my hair… goodness, my hair, plus I have a zit and I’m in no mood to put on any makeup at all. I wanna just sit very still and wait for this day to end. I don’t wanna do anything, I don’t wanna deal with anyone, not possible I know. I wish I took a sickie! 😦 All the ugliness has rubbed off on me!



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