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Back to Work… tomorrow July 21, 2009

Posted by Marie in Whine.

Back to work tomorrow and I’m dreading waking up at 6.30am it’s been so nice waking up at 7.45am and having a nice breakfast with the husband. Back to sitting in a bus next to a boy with a big ass, who sleeps with his mouth open and blocks the passing view of East Coast, back to the shrill voice of the next-door neighbour, back to lunching with people you don’t really wanna spend time with, leaving the desk at 6.03pm sharp or else end up running to catch the bus home or worst taking the MRT, where it’s one thing when people don’t wanna give up their seat (I’m totally fine with it, I can stand thankyouverymuch) but don’t stare or worse fall asleep just because I’m in front of you… you’re an asshole, I can deal with that fact and can’t you, being too tired to stay awake pass 11pm.

Sigh, what was I thinking?!! Maybe it’s just nice to have stuff to bitch about :P.



1. MH - July 22, 2009

You want back cos you LURVE us. 😀

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