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My Spoilt Pets July 31, 2009

Posted by Marie in lOve, Pets.

Just ordered 12 cans of dog food, biscuits and 2 types of snacks for the furbabies. I know they are spoilt and I’ll share their schedule :P.

AM: Vitamin (plus a lil treat from me), Walk, Biscuit, Breakfast (1 scoop dry and wet food mixed)
NN: Short Walk, Lunch (1 scoop of dry food), Treat.
EV: Walk, Dinner at 7pm (2 scoops of dry food and fresh minced beef, pork or salmon, sometimes with brown rice and veg).
NIGHT: Walk, fruits (shared with us) and maybe a biscuit or a treat.

I know they have to wash their feet 4 times a day, after each walk and sometimes they get 5 walks!! ahaha. But it means no pee or poop in the house.

I still don’t know what to do for Axl’s birthday and I know it has to be celebrated early… however, I believe Axl enjoyed himself more during Stomper’s birthday than Stomper did but I have no intent on revisiting the Dog Run, Stomper slamming into my belly every time a dog comes too close is just not funny right now. We need to make some time this weekend to groom both dogs and the weekend after (National Day weekend is just not dog friendly, blah) to bring them to East Coast. Between looking for a place to stay, getting baby stuff sorted and keeping sane, my days sometimes feel wayyyy too short.

And just in case I forget…




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