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Time just slipped passed me August 19, 2009

Posted by Marie in Gripes, Whine.

So, I set my alarm last night, woke up on time, no need to snooze, so I packed my breakfast, gave the dogs their vitamins and a treat, showered, washed my hair and wondered why it was so bright. Passed 7 clock and figured it was wonky… passed another…hmmm… got back in my room and realised that I had missed the bus because I was already 25 mins behind time. I just stood there and wondered WTF? I mean seriously, did I fall asleep in the loo something?

Checked my mobile and it showed 7.10am and the clock 7.35am. Then I figured it out. I took out my sim card to try and teach my Dad how  to use my old phone (long story) and I guess when I put it back into my phone the time lapsed… I didn’t even know that happens! Then again, yesterday I was looking at my calendar and I was on the wrong date!! I was thinking it is Tuesday right? right? Cos it says Thursday on my phone and I didn’t do anything different! I tell ya,  someone is trying to fuck with me …grrrr.



1. W - August 19, 2009

y’know… it’s killing me.

I have a great comeback for that last line that’s bursting to come right out ;D

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