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Starting to SMELL like Christmas December 20, 2009

Posted by Marie in Grub.

I love Christmas and I refused to let the tackly early (before Halloween!) Christmas deco in town put me off. I’ve been letting it build slowly and WHOA just a few more days to Christmas. It got shoved up a notch when we (R, Ry & I) went to the Botanical Gardens to have a look at the lovely Christmas decorations… some lovely, some shouldn’t bother and some too funny!
Xmas FlowersWrongKinda Cute

And erm… Oops

Then the last-ish minute Christmas shopping, Christmas Brunch with Ma Bitches later and… SUGEE. Yes, I’ve decided to take the plunge and make my Grandmothers awesome sugee cake with my 20 year old Black & Decker hand held mixer *wah piang*. Yes, I’ll be posting pictures, no, I will not be posting the recipe nor how it’s done online… ever. Tarts and the Sugee recipe are a family secret. Right now as I type at nearly 4 in the morning, the house smells like how Christmas should, heavenly… I just hope mine is as nice as my Mom’s because I’m a lil lazier.

Verdict @ 4.08am My Take: It’s kinda the same, just that mine has less sugar because I’m stingy like that.



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