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Feeling Unhappy April 15, 2010

Posted by Marie in Randomness, Uncategorized, Whine.

I’m losing my roomie and the choices are dim, most likely I’ll have to move office AGAIN this will be 3rd time and it’s either move in with Mei Hui (kinda yay but…) and the other M (kinda major nay…) but it’s a horrible dark corner and it’s not fair, I want a window (spoilt right?) and plus I don’t think I can deal with the other M’s continued whining and bitching, I feel depressed just thinking about it. The other option is to “shack up” with… sigh… he’s nice and all but the humour is trying at times and he’s… he’s just not Mariana :(.

Now I usually embrace change, I just thought that the next time I packed up my desk it would be me in a new, exciting job closer to home 😦 not another office or two down. Perhaps this is a sign…

The one move I’m looking forward to is taking AGES!! AGES I TELL YOU!! More soon.



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