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Axl and that Old Hag July 21, 2010

Posted by Marie in Gripes, Pets, Whine.

Rylen was a joy last night.

Of course, something has to HAPPEN… this time it was Axl, the dude is an over sensitive asshole, yes, I’m that annoyed. Now, I’m all for letting my dogs off the leash cos I trust them enough to know that 1. they aren’t going to bite anyone 2. they won’t run away 3. they come back when called. So especially when it’s late and hardly anyone’s around, freedom is great joy. Axl the Asshole however…. grrr… all I did was tell him No, stop barking and he got all upset and decided he didn’t want to come within 50 meters of me, ass….. hole right? *rolls eyes*.

Then to add to this a naggy old woman with a very cute but VERY smelly  retriever starts giving me grief about leashing him and OHMYGAWD I’m TRYING, can you NOT see, I’m TRYING. 5 minutes later and we’re closer to my place and I know I need the husband’s help cos well, the lil bastard ain’t gonna wanna be going into the lift with me. So I’m waiting under my block, Stomper’s off the leash and Axl is 50 meters away. And the stupid old women comes and again…. sigh. So this time she starts nagging at R and threatens to complain.

OW – I’ve asked you to leash your dog many times
M – have you not seen me try?
OW – I don’t care
M – What?!
OW – what if your dog bites me?
M – are you crazy, he’s smaller than a cat and he’s only trying to make frens with your dog!
OW – that’s not my business
M – ok, then go AWAY
OW – leash your dog
M – seriously, you need to shower your dog
OW – that’s not your business
M – it kinda is cos it’s animal abuse
OW – leash your dog
M – ohmygawd woman, I’ve been trying to do just that, now go away and mind your own business
OW – I’m gonna complain
M – go ahead
OW – I am
M – I said go AHEAD

Fact is, she can complain but she’s not suppose to keep a retriever in a flat either and OHMYGAWD I WAS TRYING TO LEASH THE BLACK BASTARD UP!! He was also punished and will not be off the leash for a week.

Note to oneself – Do not ever become like that, EVER!!



1. MH - July 21, 2010

Hahaha. I know it probably isn’t funny to you at the time but it is hilarious reading about it.

Anyhoo… what’s up with so bl**dy many people constantly complaining nowadays?!

2. Marie - July 21, 2010

Nothing else better to do….

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