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Facebook September 16, 2010

Posted by Marie in Randomness.

I had 300 people on my facebook, let me tell you with a few business contacts who I deal with often enough to save their numbers on my phone I still don’t have 300 names. I did a lil clean up and deleted some ppl…still too many I think.

I don’t understand how my cousin has my email address and still write to me via Facebook. An old friend who I went on a holiday with, laughed about sex stories with, she’s moving away for good and she contacts me after about 2 years of relative silence on… you guessed it Facebook. She’s got my number, she has my email address and heck she’s even on my msn… but she uses Facebook.

Sometimes I want to just delete myself, like what I did with all other similar websites but I have to admit I’m a Facebook Addict and I like looking and sharing photos (well, not so fond of the awful blur shots and continuous shots of that one subject – usually a kid while the photographer tries to get a PROPER photo). Really, it’s called editing, you don’t have to purge all your damn shitty shots on your Facebook photos page. I cannot stand those people and I usually never make it through their whole album, I don’t like my time being wasted, it’s bloody annoying.

I also hate when people I haven’t seen for ages add me and then silence… nothing, no hi, how you doing? Nothing… WTF…again, delete and don’t waste my time.

I’m ashamed to say I have added people I’m pretty sure I don’t know or just cannot remember. There’s this one girl and she wishes me Happy Birthday every single year and comments sometimes so I would feel bad if I delete her but really I REALLY don’t know her. I wish I had asked her 3 years back how I even know her … too late now.

Facebook = love hate



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