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Messed up Lungs September 21, 2010

Posted by Marie in Fitness & Health, Gripes.

In May I got pretty sick, all of us did. I blame Mariana. She hardly gets sick so I reckon that the virus that finally brought her to her knees was a particularly bad strain. I got it really bad, 5 visits to the doctors, Allen had 3 visits and Rylen 2 visits. My lungs turned to shite and I now have asthma (again).

Being pregnant again and getting a bad cough this round from the husband means I can’t use the inhaler as often as I like/need. I use it only if I’ve spent more than half a day struggling to breath easily and can’t take it any more. Sometimes it goes away you see and other times I really need it.

Today I ran for the bus and I was winded. It’s not a fun feeling… I know know how MH feels after 15 mins on the cross trainer. I’m still going to try going for a jog this weekend and I really can’t deal with it then, I’ll sign up for the gym on campus and give up 2 lunches a week to try and not turn into a lard ass. My arms really are starting to gross me out as well and I really miss my collarbone.




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