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Give Till It Hurts? January 20, 2011

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Had conversations with 2 different people about going the extra mile and getting nothing in return or worse – crap. I don’t know if it’s cos we expect more or people our age and older get lazy… but I’ve been disappointed a lot lately.

I think in general I rather not get presents then get rubbish, I have no idea what to do with and some people have kinda gotten the picture *whew* but in general I go the extra mile because I care, because I don’t want to disappoint and I’m learning that I can’t expect the same… so what do you do now? Do you become the same? Or do you keep doing what you’re going and get disappointed? I don’t know really…

Physically, I’ve learnt to cut back a bit, I want to be a good mother, wife, daughter, friend etc but I know I can’t be all, all the time. I’ve learnt and am learning to say, I’m sorry but I’m tired or I’m sorry but I can’t deal with it right now. My mantra was I Can Sleep When I’m Dead it’s changed, I know I need to rest but I can’t help waking up early to get stuff done, I’ve always been that way, early bird catches the worm and all that. But it is getting to the point that if people don’t bother, I feel I shouldn’t bother either.


I Miss… November 23, 2010

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I miss… in no particular order

1. Jumping

2. Running

3. Wakeboarding

4. Drinking a cup of coffee, a Coke Zero and a Teh Ping less sugar, a Rootbeer Float in a single day

5. Just shopping and wasting time in Orchard Road

6. Swimming with my dogs

7. Long pointless conversations on  the phone

8. Dancing to loud music aka clubbing

9. Drinking … ok this one not so much cos I do still indulge but control is key and it sucks when someone pours me something yummy and I have to stop at a glass

10. Doing nothing and not feeling like shit about it


Email January 22, 2009

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Please send me an email or leave a comment if you want my new website address. I’m gonna miss this blog .

Weekend’s Over? January 19, 2009

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Made it to the gym yesterday and just had to run but slowly cos my heel still hurts.. 2.4km in 21 minutes, grrrr! Did arms as well and I wondered why I was in so much pain this morning. Anyways, Sat sucked and Sunday was much much better… I can’t wait till Friday!!
Cycle:: Warm Up, L6, 10 mins, 50 cals
Run :: 2.8km, 25 mins, 200 cals
Arms :: Lat Pull downs & Bicep Curls (25)

A Quickie January 8, 2009

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Dying for pizza. I have a spinach pizza in the freezer, gonna have that with bacon, more cheese and mushrooms! I can’t freaking wait to get home I tell ya. It’s been a crappy day, in heels for wayyyyy too long, moving and then realizing I’m still not up to par, blah.

Allergic To The Office January 5, 2009

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Wen sent me this… it made my weekend make sense….

Hate is such a strong word… January 5, 2009

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I pretty much slept the weekend away. We had plans, kinda, but I was just too lazy to really DO anything and if it didn’t need to be done I didn’t wanna do it. I did manage a bit of a swim at Wen’s, which was very nice till it rained. ahaha. I also go a lil sick after eating carrot cake *gag* it was just wayyyy too oily and just not as good as the ones in Marine Parade, Newton or Changi Village.
Today is the start of real work, after a MONTH of hardly working and many many many off days, I think I was suffering from the blues, I hated the thought of waking up this morning and leaving my puppies at home.  I hate the fact it I’m now sitting at my computer under harsh white lights. I hate that I have to get up soon to pee and that I have to tap my card to get back in, I hate that I’ll have to move outta my lovely office with a very nice view to another smaller darker office where… part of my view is the carpark (always hate moving). I also hate that I have a cold more often now and that ohmygawd if I don’t get up and pee soon I’m gonna freaking explode!
But the way, my new site is coming along and I can even password protect some of my entries…. so gonna miss this blog.

The Good, The Bad, The Merry December 29, 2008

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It was so hard to get outta bed this morning. I mean seriously I’ve worked a total of 7 days before Christmas add in today and tmr… 9 days in December! Sadly that’s gonna end very very soon. I’ve had a cold nearly every morning since coming back from Phuket, sniff sniff sniff. I feel like a whale but I did make it to the gym on Sat for Pump and some cardio, still can’t run. Did a lil shopping, got home napped, got a cold and couldn’t head for Zouk. On Sunday, we made it for mass early!! I tell ya, I was actually giddy from the choice of seats!! ahaha, so lame. Bored at home I decided to groom Axl, he looks even smaller and more like a 3mth old kitten than a dog and I think all that stress made his cough come back but …. he really needed a haircut. I hope with enough rest the cough will go away, every time we see the vet it’s over a 100 bucks a pop and the longer I can’t sleep in the comfort of air-conditioning!!


What about Christmas Day? Well, it was madness as usual and as usual, I looked at Allen and say… "next year no party ok?" He replies…" I only wish you were serious." Blah. I like getting things done, making sure the food is out, warm etc but… I dunno, when people come early, late…. it throws me off and I try not let it get to me but sometimes when you think about it, it’s just rude and why do I wanna ‘serve’ & entertain rude people, when they don’t care how their actions cause me & my Mom to panic etc… Blah. Ok… HAPPY THOUGHTS!!


Anyways, it was Merry…. and I got what I asked for – My Starfish earrings from R, my Polar Watch from the Pents, a necessary Camera Bag from the girls! Woot!



Body Pump

Crosstrainer, 20 mins, L5, 210 cals burnt

New Start Soon December 3, 2008

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Too much drama, people gossiping etc so I’ll be moving this blog soon, hence more private, so in 2 days this blog will be sign in only and the new website made known soon after. It’s sad cos I really liked this blog, easy to use etc… I dunno, maybe I’ll keep it but just make it private. I’m just so fucking annoyed cos I hate when the things I write, pictures I post, hurt other people cos it’s not what I’m about, not what this blog about.

It’s Only Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!! November 26, 2008

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I haven’t been sleeping well and my body is still getting used to Axl (yes, it’s Mother Nature’s worst joke, I’m allergic to dogs). Right now my right eye is still a little swollen and basically I look like shit and I know it. So I woke up and the only thing that could get me outta bed was… IT’S THURSDAY, THE WEEKEND IS ALMOST HERE! YAY!!! So imagine when I was listening to the radio on the train and was told that …argh! It’s only Wednesday !
Anyways, Stomper’s really happy and that makes me happy plus the photo below made me smile and forget my swollen eye for a bit.