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Cos I’m lazy…. January 15, 2009

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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Finally made it to the gym on Tuesday where I pretty much just did cardio and I know I should be going today but I’m too darn tired. Tomorrw, some of the girls are heading to Number 5 for some girlie time. Can’t wait. Slowly, I’m getting my new blog ready, should be done after CNY.
Warmup:: Cycling, L5, 10 mins, 50 cals
Crosstrainer :: L6, 35 mins, interval, 300 cals

Weekend January 12, 2009

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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Sat was lovely, lazed a little then headed to town for a facial and my mom got a massage, walked around a little by 6.30pm, I was tired and I suggested taking a taxi…yes, me. Cos well, i really didn’t wanna spoil the day with the mrt ride home. The mother was shocked at the fare . Thought I was suppose to meet my cousin but she never rang, figured she was busy and lazed the rest of the night away till we got news that Tito’s dad passed away suddenly.
So Sunday, we went for mass and then to pay our respects, yes, I’m slowly getting over my fear of dead people and yes, I still can’t deal with the open casket, I stand at an angle, say a pray and remove myself. It sucked to see Tito so sad, he’s usually the crazy happy big guy. Tried to get a lil nap in the afternoon, didn’t succeed, brought the 2 crazy mutts to the park for a run, skip and a hop. Then rushed to my mom’s place for dinner and to try bonding a weeee lil bit with my niece. fyi, dinner rocked!!

zzzzzzzzzzzz January 6, 2009

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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20 minute desk nap was so very helpful, didn’t care if i was snoring or anything it was kinda necessary cos I need to stay awake for MH’s briefing later and so that I can finish up my budget… numbers always make me feel sleepy. But now cos of the odd position, I have a bit of a headache. ahahaha. At least I’m awake right?
Everyone’s stressing about the move… I HATE MOVING!!

What will 2009 bring? December 30, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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For me, 2008 was lovely, I foresee a lot and I mean A LOT of change for 2009. Frankly I can’t wait but I’d like to bask in the loveliness that was 2008 for a few more days please. Today is my last day of work for the year, we’re all dressed casually, cept for MH who wasn’t in the loop . The weather is nice, the breeze, the sun, I do love weather like this, it reminds me of Australia at the start of summer. Walking the dogs isn’t a chore when there’s a lil wind and you’re not needing another shower. It’s just SOOO NICE!! I wanna chill at the beach or pool and just read a good book and doze. Maybe that’ll be a great plan for tmr.
Anyways, Best Wishes for the coming New Year and make it a Good one. *muak*
Axl’s in my tee cos it was drizzling and he’s a lil sick puppy, but as cute as heck.

Random-ness November 28, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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Yesterday, I got outta the campus early and was all happy happy joy joy that I’d be able to do a run before class but for some reason I decided to just checkout DP and managed to get a pair of jeans, remembered the sms Wen sent and had it reserved. Called Ann to ask if she could help me pick it up tmr (meaning today)… thanks goodness cos the SPECIAL SALE THINGY was yesterday (Thurs) not today (Fri, confused?) like it had said in the sms!! Went back to get the jeans, $89, got it for $54!! Just cos I whispered "Closet Therapy" ahaha.
I can’t believe in a week I’ll be off to Saigon! I remember when we first booked the flight we were like aw man… 2 months plus! Seems AGES away. Now it’s just around the corner and I still have stuff to get…. like luggage and a P&S. The lack of a good bonus this year (if any at all) bites  but hey, at least I have a job right… half empty, half full.
I think Axl has a cold, we’ll get it sorted when we go to the vet tmr so get his final shot. Fingers crossed. I can’t wait to get him in the water when he’s a little older!
Haven’t had much gym time cos I was looking after a VIP (she’s a lovely lady who demands hugs). Only managed on Thursday and I need to go on Sat maybe I’ll do pump & run but my triceps are hurting badly. Signed up for the Aquathlon in Feb… would really prefer to do the Duathlon but 1. the 750m swim is my weakness, this would be good practice for the Tri in July and 2. I have Open House the weekend of the Duathlon.
Chest & arms
Run :: 3km
Situps :: 100

57 Chevy November 12, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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I know I’m getting older but.. no, Chevys is just not my kinda joint. The band was pretty okay, the music was a bit loud (I mean if no one is dancing and ppl are chilling… they’ll be talking, right… bit softer lah) and the drinks were quite cheap. The sad bit was well… I saw an old school ‘friends’ dad and he was with another much younger flaky looking woman… and he saw me did a double take and looked a lil guilty… then again he knows my mom and R so I dunno he might have been looking at them too… whatever, he’s cheating on his wife… now this woman is/was a bitch and I can’t say I blame him but it made me feel a lil disappointed.
Still we had a few laughs and I took a few pictures with N73. My P&S camera has died… finally and my phone is dying too. Grrrr.
Aunts N, Lot, Mom and moi
R and Uncle Andy
R made me promise to go bowling in exchange for coming along *blah*

Meat November 5, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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I’ve got steaks in the freezer, the most R’s ever spent on uncooked meat ever. I didn’t wanna over do it cos if you’re paying 28 bucks for 4 chucks of beef… I think on their own they should taste pretty darn fab. So I put in soy sauce, blackpepper, paprika & oregano…. oh and whiskey. Maybe that’s a bit much…hmm. Gotta cook it in butter cos it just taste better. With salad and a lil bit of potato…yum. That’s what I’m looking forward to today. That’s it. I just need this week to be over.
Oh and Obama won. Yay? Cos the whole not outsourcing thing worries me.
Crosstrainer :: 25 mins, L 6, 235 cals burnt
Run :: 3km, 23 mins (incl. cool down) just wasn’t feeling it, right shoulder was pinched too 😦

The Funnies November 4, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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I hate to admit it but I kinda laughed harder at Angelo Tsarouchas than Russell Peters. So yeah, there was a 13 year old boy, a German, a Brit, a white dude with a Mexican mom, Portuguese dad who was born in Hawaii who looked totally white complete with the reddish brown hair…and he basically focused on them. Hardly any timed jokes … I don’t know, it was funny… don’t get me wrong but not as funny as his show in 2006. He did do the ‘Somebody is gonna get hurt real bad’ bit at the end. Now I’m just hoping for Ralphie May.
Anyways… what up with some people and the way they laugh… like it’s forced or something… like the one dude behind me DID NOT get the jokes, I’m sure of it, I bet he didn’t comprehend a single thing…cos he’s laugh was so fake, so annoying and so forced like he was spitting out his Har Har Har… I wanted  to just smack him.
Since I’m on the topic of funnies… I think I’ll be heading for Chevys this Friday.. and part of me wants to go cos basically my Aunt is in town but.. the other part of me is seriously dreading it cos.. that’s where 30 somethings go to clubbing death. Like, I’m just not cool enough for Zouk/ Velvet or even Attica anymore.. so I’m off to Chevy’s were I belong. My excuse is gonna be… I’m there to chill with my mom and my aunts and I hear the band’s really good. Now please … I have to arrange a clubbing night with da bitches real soon.

Sunny Weekend Please!! October 31, 2008

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I need my day in the sun! I hope there’s good weather tomorrow morning!!
Did you see the trashy rag that is The New Paper today? Blah, I don’t think it’s fair that they splashed the poor girl’s body and half her face all over. I mean I get it…she’s a teacher, role model blah blah blah… but she’s not a nun, come on. And frankly… she hasn’t got much in the boob department so what the harm in the tiny bikini anyways? If I were her student, I’d know it was her in 2 seconds.
Anyways, I have a laze in the sun and a pedi & mani scheduled.  I hope to get my hair to behave and then to Venene’s wedding. Sunday is all Souls Day…or is it Saints? I’ll be paying my grandpa a visit, it’s been 3 years since he passed away on the 31st Oct. I still think about him.
Ok, I’m outta here…have a great weekend all!!
Run w Stomper :: 2.4km
Pump :: 1hr

The Adventures of R’s Pressie October 16, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
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So I have to word this such that I won’t give much away….


Went to Orchard cos it hit me that I really should get R’s Birthday, Anniversary + Christmas Present ASAP. What’s up with Orchard Road? Like the streets are packed, people and cars everywhere but inside the shops …empty. So I got the present and the decided to look for my lens… and stupid stores in Orchard raised the price, so I’ll just have to go back to good ol’ Parasilk. Anyways, the present is a bit heavy and bulky and with the bag it was in, it’s a dead giveaway. So additional shopping, yay? Well…. not really. With the level of service, I remember why I like shopping online.


I walked into G2000 to get 2 work tops I’d seen that I liked. I asked for my size in a colour I wanted, she got me to try another colour and then told me not very nicely that they didn’t have my size in black (I wanted a smaller size, fyi ) …. so I ask her to check if they have it at bugis or tampines? She looks around and walks away… like wtf? Comes back and I’m like… yes? Looks annoyed and goes, I’ll call. So I go look at another top and I get back to  the counter… no answer. I place the two tops I want on the counter and tell another girl I’ll take these and she nods, says she’ll get me new ones and then….. handles another customer… ok…. I wait 5 mins and walk out. Get this the store WASN’T EVEN CROWDED. I saw 5 staff and there were like a couple and 4 other ladies.


Anyways, walk around some more, I’ve fallen in love with a black pair of heels but I will control myself and wait for the Nine West sale. Finally I gave up and walked into Dot Perks and asked for a paper bag… I even told the girl why I needed it and she gave me the look…. the " Like I Care… Loser" look, ain’t life grand? I think Wing Tai need to re-train their staff, fast.


I also had this flash where I’m one of these old ladies who loves to explain things in great detail, even if no one around them cares or wants to listen. It’s sad, I know my friends (mostly) find it amusing, my husband tunes me out and some people roll their eyes. Whatever, tough shit, I only explain cos I care… when I don’t bother is when I get quiet and sullen and it’s just not fun. 


Anyways, finishing up. Got home, R looks at the bag and goes "You bought me a dress?" days like these make me appreciate the fact that he’s good looking. So we scramble to the room, Stomper and I manage to chuck him out and I spend a good 10 minutes finding a good hiding spot. Can’t wait till the 20th!