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I’m BACK January 16, 2012

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Well, I don’t wanna clutter my baby blog with too much exercise stuff. I went back to the gym after 2.5 years, 2 babies, 10 kg to 12 kg over my regular weight and overall… I’m overweight, this is the heaviest I’ve EVER been and it’s damn hard to control the eating and even harder to find time to exercise. I’m gonna try and just start with the exercise and I hope (and pray) the rest will follow, especially after I’m done breastfeeding and don’t have any excuses any more :P.

Friday 13, 2012

Warm up (bike): 10 mins

Cardio (treadmill) :25 mins [20 mins – 2.4km)

Arm weight – can remember the names


Messed up Lungs September 21, 2010

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In May I got pretty sick, all of us did. I blame Mariana. She hardly gets sick so I reckon that the virus that finally brought her to her knees was a particularly bad strain. I got it really bad, 5 visits to the doctors, Allen had 3 visits and Rylen 2 visits. My lungs turned to shite and I now have asthma (again).

Being pregnant again and getting a bad cough this round from the husband means I can’t use the inhaler as often as I like/need. I use it only if I’ve spent more than half a day struggling to breath easily and can’t take it any more. Sometimes it goes away you see and other times I really need it.

Today I ran for the bus and I was winded. It’s not a fun feeling… I know know how MH feels after 15 mins on the cross trainer. I’m still going to try going for a jog this weekend and I really can’t deal with it then, I’ll sign up for the gym on campus and give up 2 lunches a week to try and not turn into a lard ass. My arms really are starting to gross me out as well and I really miss my collarbone.


Gotta Clean… March 11, 2010

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It’s time to pick up the D40x and give it a spring clean, it’s been chucked aside and I’ve only been using my Canon G10 because it’s just easier with baby in tow. But Phuket beckons and I was actually entertaining the idea of leaving the DSLR at home but me, on a holiday with just one camera? No way. Which reminds me…where the hell is my lomo?

I also need to really clean my bike!! Don’t think I’ll have the time or energy to do it when I get back from my holiday and the ‘race’ is that weekend!! I know I’m an idiot for signing up cos my body is weak… but the mind is willing A lil mini won’t kill me… right? RIGHT? But it would suck to come in last 😦

The Weather June 24, 2009

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I know this site is kinda dead. I have baby brain and I haven’t done anything exciting in months. I’m craving a night out with the girls with drinks (like booze, not milkshake) and dancing, making fun of people, bitching the fugly-ness on the dance floor, durian, a cycling trip to Ubin, wakeboarding session, a huge seafood dinner and a massage where I can lie down on my tummy!

Now I shall proceed to talk about the weather… I think  the haze is coming back. This is my last week at gym and all I have now is a weekly swimming session and lotsa walks but I have asthma and the haze is just descending at a wrong time (I know there is no right time)! Argh. This sucks ass! I need to gain access to another gym if the haze gets worse. Blah.

I Baked a Cake that Stuck May 26, 2009

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I don’t know why but every time I’m on leave I find myself busier and more tired than I am when I’m at work! Here’s my proof…

Friday, I wake up super early, walk the dogs and have breakfast. Thinking that the new vet I’m made an appointment with is 10 minutes away (I checked the website and rang the correct number), I decide to walk both the dogs there… only to find that… the vet has moved to a nearby but not near enough neighbourhood for me to walk to!! Argh. Thank goodness my dear MIL has the car so she picks us up and we get there in a piece. Since Stomper’s there she gets her yearly shot too. Now being late getting Axl in and getting Stomper sorted has blown my timetable. I’m suppose to be getting my hair done at 10.30am! So I get home, shower cos it’s so darn hot, grab a cab and I’m back at Tampines  at 11.15 am, I got my hair, cut, coloured, highlighted and washed for 138 bucks… how that’s a steal and they weren’t playing the Best of Michael Learns to Rock!! Yay!

So now I’m running really late and I had an appointment to have a tour of the hospital at 1.50pm and I left the salon at 1.35pm, the husband can only drive so fast. So ok, missed it and we wait to see my doctor…. who is in delivery and will be late which causes my bloody pressure to spike to 135! Retest. ahahaha. So we wait. We leave and it’s about time to go get Axl, yay. But first, I need to get Buttermilk and I’ll explain why soon. So we get to the vet at 4.40pm and we have  to wait and wait and then they call for Lucky’s owners and I’m weird like that but I wanna see what Lucky looks like…. wait a minute.. I see Axl, so unless Lucky, who I happen to know is a cat and Axl are related… which would explain a lot about Axl in general… there’s been a mistake. Of course the owners walk all the way into the vet’s office just to exclaim “That’s not our cat!!”…. you  think? I get home and have to boil chicken and brown rice for Axl. The great thing is; that he seems fine, so we have an hour nap. The rest of the night was rather uneventful, thank goodness.

Saturday, I wake up super early again cos I need to make sure Axl can pee and poo and in general see if he’s in any pain. It’s early and I’m bored so I decide to make Smitten Kitten’s Raspberry Buttermilk Cake. I start this knowing I have to go to the gym before lunch… Everything seems to go according to plan and I’m liking the smells. Now I’ve been baking and cooking since I was 12 and so far I’ve had 2 failures – chocolate chip cookies and muffins. I’ve gotten over the failed CCCookies and I will never make muffins or cakes from a box ever again. I’m sad to say, this cake failed. It smelt heavenly, it taste so bloody good but it stuck to every side and bottom possible making it the fugliest cake EVER. I’m crushed, really I am, my cupcake versions stuck, my cake in the pan stuck… sigh. However, it is so darn good I wanna try again. Anyways, I sulk for 30 mins then pack my stuff and go to the gym for a great workout… after which, we reward ourselves by having Carl’s Jr burgers which are freaking awesome. Oh I forget to mention I also need to cook dinner at my Mom’s place that evening. ahahaha. So we get home, I crash for an hour and off we go with the dogs to see my parents. I make lean pork loin chops, baby spinach and mashed potatoes with red wine pineapples. Healthy-ish. I serve my fug cake anyways.

Sunday, up by 7.30am again cos I’m just worried about Axl, he walks a lil funny but once he’s pooped he’s all good. I have brunch with the girls to celebrate Ann turning 30!! and together with Stef who’s birthday (BTW) is today!! Then we go ‘sing’ karaoke. Now I can’t sing, I know this… neither can I rap and I’m basically tone deaf but I will sing and rap cos I hate just sitting there. The highlight was getting Ann to sing with a Hong Kong accent, I laughed so hard I was worried I’d pee in my pants (frankly, these days it wouldn’t surprise me). I finally got home and into bed for my nap(2 hours this time) at 5.30pm! Now usually I hate taking a nap so late but I needed it.

That, folks was my crazy weekend… imagine I really thought I could add in a swim in there somewhere…. I am not Amy.

Still lusting for a sleep in! April 23, 2009

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Finally got myself to the gym for an hour…yes a full hour! After the 7.5km walk on Sunday which was a great push… I managed 30 mins on the cross trainer, then arms and back. Yay!

That’s the only update I have cos I’m so sleepy and I have an event tomorrow which I can’t wait to get. zzzzzzzzzz.

Oh oh…did anyone catch CSI yesterday? So sweet lah the ending.

Yesterday February 20, 2009

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I was at the gym and I was kicking it on the crosstrainer, burnt like 300 cals in less than 35 mins (incl. cool down time) and I was like whoa, I’m back! Gotta get to the gym earlier so I can do MOOOORE cos I’m not tired, I’m not hungry, I’m feeling GREAT!

Then I got home and fell asleep during American Idol.

Ms Not So Smarty Pants February 18, 2009

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On Sunday I was feeling like crap right, so I took a birds nest shot and starting to feel better cept that I still had a bit of a neck-ache and my throat is still a little itchy. Then yesterday, I couldn’t help myself and helped myself to durian, I mean seriously, I’m a dimwit. So my throat is seriously itchy and the only saving grace was that it was cool enough to sleep without the air-con. Tonight, I shall try gargling with salt water and maybe another shot of birds nest. I really don’t have the energy to get sick.

I did make it to the gym yesterday! Yay… first time in over a week so I just did some crosstraining action.