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I made this…. January 15, 2009

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Once a week I cook for the husband. Saw some nice cod and decide to go a little Jap. I didn’t bother with the veg but I did make a quick salad for both of us. The garlic rice was easy and so was the marinate. The only reason I’m bothering to put the recipe up is cos R said it’s the best thing I’ve ever made… I know I should be pleased but hmm…

Garlic Rice – 2 cups of long grain rice, 2 table sp of garlic, 2 to 3 table sp of butter (depends on how greasy you want it), 1 cube of chicken stock, pepper. Melt butter in pan and add garlic, add rice, stir well. I put mine back in a rice cooker with the 3.25 cups of chicken stock water to cook, stir at least twice before it’s done.

Cod – for the marinate I used – 1table sp of grated ginger, soya sauce, 1 table sp of sugar, half a cup of white wine (or sherry or sake), dash of sesame oil. I put 1/3 of the mix in with the fish and left it in the fridge for an hour (at least) and then heated up the rest to melt the sugar and used it as a dressing. Totally yum.  

I know…fug plate but I kinda like it (taken with the old N73)


Aapum December 3, 2008

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Yesterday, I was on leave cos I have leave to clear so after the gym, R and I headed to Lil India, Mustafa to get suitcases…. well, I didn’t get one cos I don’t want basic boring black!! Argh. Anyways, since we were there R insisted we go look for Aapum, ah what? Yeah, we walked (in the rain, gross-ness) from Mustafa, we asked nearly every foodie place we passed and all we got were headshakes, finally we reached the other end of Lil India (my favourite part, near the huge, pretty Saree shop, near the market, near the brow threading place) and we finally found it!!
Folks, this is Aapum with sugar and coconut milk
and it rocks and I want it for breakfast real soon with masala tea.

Donuts August 26, 2008

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Hot Stuff August 14, 2008

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Headed to John’s current address for some spicy goodness and well… cos it was his birthday. Seriously I’d be so lost if I had to get there myself. The folks didn’t wanna share a level 2 with me so we had to settle on the wussy Level 1 but I have to admit, it was GREAT to actually enjoy and taste chicken. John and the husband shared a Level 4 cos well…. real men like it hot…. rite….
Battered mushrooms… couldn’t get them into the photo quick enuf, about half was eaten, Level 1 Wings and really good fries!
Stand back…Level 4 Wings
The birthday boy wants to try Level 10 soon!
The folks
John’s very swollen mouth
R’s Chili Con Carne wasn’t a great idea after the chicken
John’s Ribs
Mom’s Pork Chops (skip it)
R couldn’t manage a smile after them’ Level 4s
I had the mushroom soup, freaking great stuff, loads of mushrooms and not from a can! Delish.
I had a great time with the family.. now anyone up for trying the Level 10 with my dudes? I think one wing (of L10) a person is more than enough. Personally, Level 4 was wayyyy too hot for me .
Address: 140B Piccadilly (near the flying school) Seletar Airbase
Tel: 64820244
Hours: Mon – sun 4pm – 9.30pm, Closed on Tuesday

MacDs July 18, 2008

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Today, I did something I haven’t done in AGES…. I had a Mac Ds meal all to myself. Fish burger, fries and a Coke…. and now, sigh, I feel ill. Damn it.
Dinner event today with a rumoured 45 min speech… who does that? 45 mins, seriously? While people wait for their next course, bloody silly and a bit mean, if you ask me…but no one will ask me, oh well.
Have a good weekend all, I have a lovely packed weekend planned  oh and the whole office is off on Monday! Woot. What should I put on my Out of Office Message…. See ya Tuesday Suckers? heh.

Chops May 22, 2008

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I cooked.
Yeah, it’s been ages since I’ve really cooked so I decide to make pork chops. The problem when I cook anything… I add alcohol; wine, sherry, brandy, white/red wine, whiskey…. Ailine refuses to eat my food, she says it make her a bit wonky .
Anyways, we enjoyed it.
That’s R’s… I got one portion, heh.

Mooncakes September 11, 2007

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I love Mooncakes. The orginal, no egg, baked, rocks my socks. However, today I tried the Raffles Snow-Skin Champagne Truffle Mooncake..YUMMMMMYYYY! And everyone’s been blogging bout it, so there, I’ve done my bit.

Foodie Weekend November 20, 2006

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So after going on a fast paced 2.5 hour walk in the morning we shoved our faces at Mariana’s place and then went down to Vivo City. Bad mistake and I wasn’t impressed, I’m just surprised we managed to park. After which, R refused to let go of his Dim Sum craving and we went to Victor’s Kitchen… get there by 7pm cos the last order is at 8pm and they aren’t kidding. I wasn’t hungry and not feeling 100% but it was yummers. I don’t usually order har kau but he serves it with this vinegar and it just makes the dim sum better than ever. We only had 4 dishes so we need to get a bigger group down and try nearly everything!
Sunday was Rowena’s first month celebration at Allson Hotel and the buffet was pretty alright but of course the main attraction was Rowena and she’s a cutie… I know she’ll grow up super fast and all that and babies are cute but they can’t play with you (me). Haiz. After which we went to Tangs to FINALLY get a Christmas tree!! Yes!! Another thing the baby is responsible for! Heh. The night was complete with a Ramli King Special for dinner… it was sooooo bloody good.
I really should start working out at the gym again soon.

Foodie November 3, 2006

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I’m starving. Seriously, I’m sooo hungry right now I feel like I might just faint.
Yesterday’s Niqqi Prata has left me wanting more, I wish prata was one of ‘them’ healthy foods like eg.bran. I’d have it on a daily basis.
Today we’re gonna help Cheryl celebrate her b’day with lotsa grub from a deli I’m crazy about… not gonna say where just yet cos I don’t want her to know. All I can think about is food I tell ya. I’m at the Nobel thingy and I can’t go grab lunch till like 2.30pm, I have no idea how I’m gonna tahan!
Weekends Rock!

Craving October 18, 2006

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Sye sent me this LINK and now I’m craving for cheesecakes with cherry pie filling (if you say it with a texan accent it’s funnier, promise).