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Anyhoo October 29, 2010

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I know not one really cares and hardly anyone visits this site but I managed to import all my old post from my msn spaces website to wordpress. I’m so happy.

Can you imagine I’ve been blogging since 1999!! My first blog was on Geocities!! You’d have 9MB of space and that’s it, so every month I’d have to make room and if you didn’t kinda understand html your site would kinda suck. Now things are wayyyy easier these days.

Was reading some entries from 2005 and whoa the difference 5 years makes. I do kinda miss my financial and travel freedom, those were the days I could go on a trip to Bangkok and my account would barely take a hit. Reno loans, Ry’s school, daycare, helper etc etc… have replace those things. So I’m glad I got to travel a little, party some and experience all the heartache, weirdos, disappointments etc etc which have made my history interesting, worth telling and made me who I am today.  So one day when Rylen comes back sloshed and bitching about men and how fucked up they are or how life sucks, I know that it does get better… heck, it gets down right wonderful.


The Weekend Just August 23, 2010

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I swear two day weekends are just too too too short. On Sat we attended Growing Up Gifted’s trial class, I’m pretty happy with it, the teachers are nice and they speak well. Rylen also connected with a lil girl there… till she pulled her hair :(.  A few minutes at the play gym and then we headed for lunch. It is a joy to have lunch with her these days since we can give her a lil of something or another from our plates and it keeps her happy.

Dropped her off at home for her nap and we head down to Middle Road to get party supplies, it’s not easy this Minnie Mouse theme, everything is MICKEY! Blah. Had about 15 minutes to lie in bed before she got home from her trip to the park and the madness starts again :).

Sunday, R dragged me to Orchard to help him get pants and he decided that nothing was to his liking and/or everything was too expensive, sigh. We did get her stuff:- her own fork and spoon, crayons, a stuffed unicorn which for some reason I want to name Unagi could be due to this *click* har har heh.

Did manage to get in a nap, oh bliss… till the rag and bone man came *honk honk honk* so annoying and if that doesn’t get to you, Deza stomping around and singing will, sigh. A walk to park with the two mad dogs and the very quiet baby girl and I was soooo tired.

It’s still not over cos I had promised Axl Liver Treats for his birthday, so while cooking dinner I’m blending stinky liver, adding oats and wholemeal and eggs and oil and then kneading the smell mixture into little balls, gag. I really do love my dogs. They (the dogs) then spent the rest of the hour watching the oven and Stomper was left to ‘guard’ the treats and Axl was sent to beg.

Did I mention that Rylen’s 6th tooth is making an appearance so she woke up at 10pm, 2am and 5.30am oh and that I had/have 2 boring meetings to attend…zzzzzzzzzz. 5 hours sleep is just not enough.

Thankful May 6, 2010

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Rylen was sleeping, we were relaxing after dinner, watching TV, Stomper was resting on the sofa and I was cuddling Axl promising him we’ll take them downstairs in a few minutes. I looked at my husband and thanked him for giving me a life where I feel so loved, a life worth living.

I am tired – usually, stressed – sometimes, can’t spend as much as I used to and a mother – all the time. I miss gym sessions, movies, brunches, lazy Saturdays by the pool, runs after work, beach days with the dogs. I think I can fit in some time at the pool and runs once the home is done and I plan my time better. But no matter cos I’ve never been happier, not as relaxed but happy for sure.

Half empty, half full, it’s really about perspective isn’t it.

Free July 1, 2009

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I like it when I don’t have to care anymore. There’s someone at work I just don’t like lunching with I don’t enjoy the conversations BUT it’s been a necessary pain in the arse cos I don’t wanna be mean. Well, I don’t have to be nice anymore because the same doesn’t apply and hence I’ve been released from my ‘duties’.

Stomper & Chutney’s Turn 2! June 26, 2009

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Stomper turns two today and I’m like REALLY? Then it hits me in less than 2 years, I’ve managed to get a darling puppy; who to me is the best puppy ever! Get married to an amazing man. Get another puppy who is still a work in progress but a gem for sure. AND get knocked up… in less than 2 years!! Whoa! I’ve been busy!

Stomper & Chutney_ECP

Flash back of the b’day puppies, just a few months old.

Tomorrow is My Birthday March 31, 2009

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Still waiting for Ann’s pictures from my b’day dinner so I took 2 pictures off Pris’s facebook :).

Flower Powder

How Old!?

Things I need to learn…
1. Out source dessert? Cooking everything myself wasn’t easy even when I have a helper cos I’m a control freak. On the menu was Rocket with Parma, Calamari, Mushrooms baked with Chery Tomatoes, Spiced Potatoes, Curried Prawns, Meatballs (pork & chicken) with mint yogurt and Fajitas and then Puff Pastry (kinda) wih Chocolate and Cherries.

2. Hold a knife the right way so avoid sprains?

3. That I’m always grateful for the lovely gifts my friends get me

4. That my husband is always there for me… I wanted to KILL the pastry

5. That I should get my own birthday cake but then it wont have Princess Supastar on it *Sulk*

I am....

I am....

Nu March 5, 2009

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I changed the layout because frankly… the font on the old blog was getting hard to read. I did my lasik about 5 years back and already I think I need reading glass, especially when I’m tired. So anyways, I hope the 5 people who read this blog are happy with the change and may I draw your attention to my wish list 🙂

+ February 11, 2009

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Life has been pretty harsh for me lately but in general it’s still ok and I’m dealing with it, I just need sleep. So the husband called and said he’s made plans for a nice dinner on Sat and I’m like…no… expensive and pointless and crowded and and and. And he goes, you need it so let’s just go. Awwww, love. All I had planned for Valentines is to make him a chocolate pie. ;P Now, what do I wear!?!

Girlie Time February 3, 2009

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It was a great-ish weekend. I had brunch with the Girls aka Ma Bitches and it was yummmmmmm, PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance is just … I want my future house to look much like it. I love the blinds and the fans and the lights and of course the food rocked as well. My staple at PS Cafe is the Caesar’s Salad but it was brunch and I wanted the works and I got some of Wen’s pancakes too.

Bacon & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs

I can’t believe we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves… that’s what happens when girls love food too much I reckon. After brunch, we watched Bride Wars which was a nice enough chick flick. Gotta love girlie time and I can’t believe it but finally the whole group was at the same place at the same time… even if it was for 10 minutes. 😛

CNY January 24, 2009

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Have a great long weekend everyone!!