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I Hurt Myself November 21, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Yesterday, Pump class was longer and harder than it’s been in ages … maybe cos I was just tired, so I wasn’t listening …twisted my torso to get my weights and I think I sprained my back a little. I can’t bend down without grunting and my knees hurt as normal so I can’t bend at the knees. Blah.
Crosstrainer :: L6, 20 mins, 200 cals burnt
Pump Class
Run :: 6km in 42mins 20 secs, total distance 6.5, 420 cals burnt

Poxy Lady November 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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I had a blood test done and R has been bugging me about getting chicken pox jab. I don’t want it, I never had chicken pox, not when close friends got it, not when John got it…. so I decided I might just be one of those special people who will never get chicken pox and then one day when I’m old and weak, I’ll get it at 86 and die. R’s worried that one day, when I ‘fall’ pregnant it’ll be harmful etc so fine the doctor says she can check for it.
Guess what… I am special, seems I’m one of those special people who got chicken pox and didn’t even know it. Seriously, I think I’d notice if I had itchy spots, aches etc… I mean, I hate anything itchy and will scratch till I bleed and it hurts , cos pain is so much easier to handle. So I would know. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones who just have a natural immunity. Still, if you have chicken pox, stay away from me. Ew.

Pounding on Rubber November 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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MH tells me yesterday was World Kindness Day, now being the bitch that I am, I try and even out my karma by being helpful and nice to people who aren’t general assholes. So when this girl had problems with her threadmill and since all the trainers at CaliFit are idiots or lazy.. I helped her out, cos it took more than 2 mins my machine reset on me grrrr… but that’s ok … BUT… when after two minutes of ‘running’ at 5.8…she picks up the phone and starts yaking and gossiping and reduces the speed to 4.8 and carries on for another 30 mins… I had to resist telling her off. Seriously, where do these people come from? I mean she was loud and everyone around her is looking annoyed…come on! Argh. I did managed to run 6km in 41 minutes! Woot! The aim is to get to 10km in less than 1.5 hrs, my legs hurt already but that’s the aim and heck I never thought I could run/walk 5km ever either.
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L6, 298 cals burnt
Situps :: 100
Inner and Outter Thing Thingy :: 20reps x 3 sets each, 40
Run:: 6km, 41 mins

Diet Thus Far October 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Once a few years back I went on the South Beach Diet which I have to admit is a good one. When you’re working from home and can prepare your own meals, it’s ace… not counting the first two weeks with no carbs at all… I nearly went crazy after day 7, I gave in and had a wholemeal roll, no butter, not even warm and I tell you, it was the best thing ever. So this time round, I’ve allowed some carbs, cos I know I need them and the diet won’t last very long without it.
Anyways, what I had yesterday (I promise I’ll stop sharing soon, cos I’ll get bored but for now, I’m amazed I’m still standing)
Morning Milo
Breakfast was a fail – Coffee Bun and Soya Milk
Lunch – Chicken Thai Salad
Snack 1 – Handful of Pistachios
Snack 2 (cos of gym) – Half a Protein Bar
Dinner – 2 spoons of rice, beef, carrots and cauliflower and a lil egg BUT I had blackcurrant juice
Fruit – Kiwi
Later today, I’m gonna get home and cook fish and scallops with french beans and carrots for me and an additional potato for R.
Crosstrainer (warm up) :: L7, 12 mins, 110 cals
Body Pump

Fat Burning is Boring September 24, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
I know I’ve been saying I have to go on a diet and I haven’t cos it’s s filthy filthy word and I hate it. However, certain things I’ve seen, heard etc… I think I have to stop procrastinating already. Wish me luck cos a full month with hardly any carbs makes for a moody bitchy M.
Gym, Tuesday
Abs :: Side Twisty Thing 27.5 x 15 per side 27.5 x  20 x 3 sets
Spinning Class :: Fat Burning *yawn*

Run Baby Run September 23, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Kinda looking forward to this, wish I had a running buddy, but I’m too slow. heh.


This will be the 2nd and last race this year, too tired to even think of doing another Triathlon. It’s time I focused on my abs and arms.

Tri or not to Tri September 11, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Okay… I have  till next Friday to decide if I wanna do this….
Fact – I wanted to give up during the swim cos I thought I was gonna drown and I fell to my knees when I got outta the water
Fact – I’ve been doing bare minimum on the exercise front – excuses incl. work, play, colds and painful knees
Fact – I don’t like being scared and I am
Fact – I wanna finish in 2 hours (2 hours is still SloPoke-ish but still!!)
I guess I’ll gauge my commitment level this coming 7 days and see how it goes… I tell you training gets in the way of pedicures, drinks and lazing around. Hmph.

100 vs 420 August 19, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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I’m so sleepy, being annoyed, sad and frustrated makes me very tired. I wanted to run yesterday and then it poured…and frankly I thanked my lucky stars cos I was oh so zonked. I’m still sleepy now and the coffee hasn’t helped plus I feel a cold coming… I really need to get into gear. Even if I can’t do a Tri this year, I still have my 5km run in Oct, the aim is to finish it in 35 mins but I don’t get a medal unless I run 10km *pout*. I know I have this thing about medals and all that but I can’t run 10km… not yet.
Anyways, on Sat at the gym with the husband and bro, the brother was teaching me some stuff and fetching my weights and all that, I felt so loved and then husband shooed me away cos they needed to focus, grrr. The point I’m getting to… I was doing sit-ups, a new way the R taught me and ouch ouch ouch, so I can only do 20 at a go x 5 sets… and I asked him how much he was doing and he said like 420 or something…. wah piang! He has the 3rd flattest tummy…. 1st place – John, 2nd place – My Mom and a very very close 3rd – My husband. So you can see why I’m so bloody depressed! I hope this cold vanishes, I think I’ll go for cycling class instead of boxing cos … I can’t be bothered to listen and remember combinations and all that … I wanna just be told when to increase resistance, when to speed up, when to sit down and when to slow down. So easy, so much fatness burnt.
Last week
Cross trainer:: 15 mins, 120 cals, level 4
Pump Class, increased weights for arms and back
Cross Trainer :: 20 mins, 220 cals, L6
Biceps ::20pounds x 12reps, 25pounds x 15, 12, 15 reps
Triceps Pulldowns:: 10 x 8 reps x 4 sets
Some Chest Thing :: 10 x 12 reps, 15 x 12 reps x 3sets
Back :: 6 x 3sets
Crunches :: 100

Diet Akan Datang August 5, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Let’s get one thing straight. I exercise cos it feels good. I like sweating, I kinda like the burn, I like the wind in my hair and I like how I weightless I feel in water. I don’t exercise to lose weight, not usually. I exercise cos that means I get to eat prata and fried chicken without feeling really bad. That being said, I really wanna lose the 5kg. I haven’t had time to check out meal plans yet but I’m working on it.
Heard on the radio this morning that an average person needs to exercise 270 minutes a week (that’s 4.5 hours) to maintain his/ her weight *faints* that’s just about how much exercise I do on a good week (meaning 2 gym sessions and 2 runs) crap crap crap. I wonder how many hours of exercise I’d have to do to lose weight. I have to reduce my calorie intake from about 2000 – 2300 to 1500!!  I’m so not looking forward to this…. no more chocolates or candy or zapple… only bitter chocolate and coke zero… some how I’ll manage. sigh.
So on Sunday I’ll be visiting home and will place myself on my Mom’s digital weight machine, note the depressing news and take it from there.
Failed Run – twisted my ankle but I think I got a good 2km in. Blah

Girlie July 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
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Was so grossed out reading my last post I went home, did my brows, scrubbed my feet, trimmed all my nails, buffed and applied some clear vanish. Cos I’m girlie like that.
Now, I need need another pair of gloves or boxing wraps, cos my gym gloves are in the wash which means a painful Pump class is in store for me today .