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Like Porn August 27, 2008

Posted by Marie in Hobbies.
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It’s like porn that makes your heart swell….. someone needs to buy this with all the additions so I can play with it….

The Saturday Story August 30, 2006

Posted by Marie in Hobbies.
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Finally, Sat’s story….

Friday night was spent munching happily on carrot cake (the asian version) at 2am but I was feeling a lil guilty cos 1. I hadn’t spent the night doing my crazy dance 2. I was a total lame ass at the gym that evening 3. I might not wake up for the cycling trip with Sye.

However, I did wake up and we got a bit of a late start but it was okay. Cycled to east coast, slammed my pedal into my calve and Mystique into someone’s S$10,000 bike… the point is that my LEG HURT!!! Anyways, got my bike gears tightened but Sye’s bike was having problems and the dude at the shop just made it worse. Got my fingers super greasy, thank goodness I had a ton of wet wipes (thanks Angie) in my bag, some freaking looking dude with hardly any hair or teeth left (we’ll call Igor) came to our rescue, he solved the alignment problem and I fixed her gears. After which, I stepped on doggy poo, we decided since we were soooo ‘lucky’ we should go get 4D, I’m still working today so the bad luck continues *grumble*

Cycle/Warm Up :: 15 mins
Crosstrainer :: 45 mins, L6, 400 cals burnt
Cycle till my ass hurt
Body Balance

Cable Skiing August 4, 2006

Posted by Marie in Hobbies.
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Frankly, gimme a board and a boat anytime. I’m darn tired but I do wish I hadn’t cancelled my early plans cos …someone stood me up again! Hmph… you’re lucky you’re cute!

Pedal power this weekend cos my poor arms feel like they’ve gotten yanked outta their sockets.

I wanna go to that Nike Sale… I want that Parcel Bag and I want Oct to come now….

LUST January 17, 2006

Posted by Marie in Hobbies.
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I want THIS sooo bad! The thing about digi cameras is you can’t do the double exposed shot. I need to go look for my old school camera and have some fun.
Did I mention my b’day is coming? A Colout Flash Holga Starter Kit with additional Fish Eye aka the Manic Pack… that’s what I want!! And my sunnies . There you go… my b’day list.