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To be inspired* May 20, 2010

Posted by Marie in House & Home.
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Was having a look at http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com, cos I needed to get some sort of inspiration and it hit me, I really miss photography. Soon a trip to Arab Street or Chinatown is necessary or maybe I’ll just take the dogs out to the park 🙂 Win Win situation.

We received our first non-family compliment on the house…. yes, I needed it. Since day 1 I was worried I was gonna fuck it up because I insisted on colour and making things different. No longer Resort Chic but I think it’s gonna be very R and me… touch of quirkiness?  No labels. The ID we hired for the kitchen was oh soooo worried about our weird taste, oh well, only time will tell.

Pictures of the impending move soon.

And from The Sartorialist, I just LOVE this picture!


Reno Update April 27, 2010

Posted by Marie in House & Home.
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So we’ve been super busy and thankfully I work best under pressure.

We employed Classic Ideas to handle our kitchen, decided to get them to handle the nitty gritty as well, so far we’ve been impressed with the level of service.

Anyways, the HUSBAND found the apartment, yes, ALL BY HIMSELF, agents just couldn’t find something we liked, asked for, wanted, needed, was willing to pay for. So he’s mucho proud and should be. It’s a lil gem, I love high floors but was willing to deal with mid level for the view from my living, dining and kitchen and it’s a 10 minute speed walk to the MRT station :).

For now I’ve added some pictures

First 3 Weeks

Rylen and our bedrooms, all guttered


The tiles weren’t our first choice but will do


Did I mention I love green… and my bamboo floor


Kitchen, nearly done


Rylen and our room, painted and with lights up

The thing that stretched our budget and timeline was our bamboo floors but it’s was an eco choice and I have to say I’m loving the floor and they aren’t even finished yet!

More soon 🙂