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Anyhoo October 29, 2010

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I know not one really cares and hardly anyone visits this site but I managed to import all my old post from my msn spaces website to wordpress. I’m so happy.

Can you imagine I’ve been blogging since 1999!! My first blog was on Geocities!! You’d have 9MB of space and that’s it, so every month I’d have to make room and if you didn’t kinda understand html your site would kinda suck. Now things are wayyyy easier these days.

Was reading some entries from 2005 and whoa the difference 5 years makes. I do kinda miss my financial and travel freedom, those were the days I could go on a trip to Bangkok and my account would barely take a hit. Reno loans, Ry’s school, daycare, helper etc etc… have replace those things. So I’m glad I got to travel a little, party some and experience all the heartache, weirdos, disappointments etc etc which have made my history interesting, worth telling and made me who I am today.  So one day when Rylen comes back sloshed and bitching about men and how fucked up they are or how life sucks, I know that it does get better… heck, it gets down right wonderful.


Singbloodyapore August 25, 2010

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So the death sentence… it’s like this, everyone knows how serious and cruel Singapore is when it comes to drugs the simplest thing to do is to not carry drug in at all, ever. So it’s sad that Yong Vui Kong is so young and perhaps it was a stupid mistake but you know the rules, did you think you won’t get caught? Well you did and as cruel, inhuman and insane as it might be for most it is the one thing that keeps the streets clean. I’ve never done drugs, it just wasn’t something that’s easy to get a hold of. For that I am thankful and if I have to raise Ry in Singapore this would be the plus point. But I do feel for Yong’s family, it’s sad.

I also watch my bag like a hawk when I go to Thailand and Bali… have you seen the insides of their jails? Shudder!