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Give Till It Hurts? January 20, 2011

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Had conversations with 2 different people about going the extra mile and getting nothing in return or worse – crap. I don’t know if it’s cos we expect more or people our age and older get lazy… but I’ve been disappointed a lot lately.

I think in general I rather not get presents then get rubbish, I have no idea what to do with and some people have kinda gotten the picture *whew* but in general I go the extra mile because I care, because I don’t want to disappoint and I’m learning that I can’t expect the same… so what do you do now? Do you become the same? Or do you keep doing what you’re going and get disappointed? I don’t know really…

Physically, I’ve learnt to cut back a bit, I want to be a good mother, wife, daughter, friend etc but I know I can’t be all, all the time. I’ve learnt and am learning to say, I’m sorry but I’m tired or I’m sorry but I can’t deal with it right now. My mantra was I Can Sleep When I’m Dead it’s changed, I know I need to rest but I can’t help waking up early to get stuff done, I’ve always been that way, early bird catches the worm and all that. But it is getting to the point that if people don’t bother, I feel I shouldn’t bother either.


iClueless January 12, 2011

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I got the new iPhone just before the new year, because the mess that was caused by Deza, I didn’t really get a chance to play with it till I got back to work. So far, I haven’t done much with it cept for download – a flash card thing for Ry, Angry Bird … seems for R, Camera+ and of course FB.

I fell alseep to Angry Birds, R’s more into it I think than I’ll ever be. Oh well.

Facebook September 16, 2010

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I had 300 people on my facebook, let me tell you with a few business contacts who I deal with often enough to save their numbers on my phone I still don’t have 300 names. I did a lil clean up and deleted some ppl…still too many I think.

I don’t understand how my cousin has my email address and still write to me via Facebook. An old friend who I went on a holiday with, laughed about sex stories with, she’s moving away for good and she contacts me after about 2 years of relative silence on… you guessed it Facebook. She’s got my number, she has my email address and heck she’s even on my msn… but she uses Facebook.

Sometimes I want to just delete myself, like what I did with all other similar websites but I have to admit I’m a Facebook Addict and I like looking and sharing photos (well, not so fond of the awful blur shots and continuous shots of that one subject – usually a kid while the photographer tries to get a PROPER photo). Really, it’s called editing, you don’t have to purge all your damn shitty shots on your Facebook photos page. I cannot stand those people and I usually never make it through their whole album, I don’t like my time being wasted, it’s bloody annoying.

I also hate when people I haven’t seen for ages add me and then silence… nothing, no hi, how you doing? Nothing… WTF…again, delete and don’t waste my time.

I’m ashamed to say I have added people I’m pretty sure I don’t know or just cannot remember. There’s this one girl and she wishes me Happy Birthday every single year and comments sometimes so I would feel bad if I delete her but really I REALLY don’t know her. I wish I had asked her 3 years back how I even know her … too late now.

Facebook = love hate

Musting August 20, 2010

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I love my friends I really do but sometimes I look at facebook and there this other group of old schoolmates; NCC girls and they’re big group and still close and they all go on holidays with husbands, boyfriends and kids. Everyone seems happy and it blows my mind. How freaking wonderful. But then again those are just pictures right, who knows what goes on… but they seem connected in so many ways.

I dunno maybe when more of my friends have kids or get married things will slowly go in that direction but for now I have to remind myself that no one is perfect, I know I’m not so maybe everyone should be cut some slack. I just wish that when people made remarks they would think about what they were saying cos you know karma is a bitch. Now, nice thoughts about how wonderful my friends are in all other ways.

Thankful May 6, 2010

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Rylen was sleeping, we were relaxing after dinner, watching TV, Stomper was resting on the sofa and I was cuddling Axl promising him we’ll take them downstairs in a few minutes. I looked at my husband and thanked him for giving me a life where I feel so loved, a life worth living.

I am tired – usually, stressed – sometimes, can’t spend as much as I used to and a mother – all the time. I miss gym sessions, movies, brunches, lazy Saturdays by the pool, runs after work, beach days with the dogs. I think I can fit in some time at the pool and runs once the home is done and I plan my time better. But no matter cos I’ve never been happier, not as relaxed but happy for sure.

Half empty, half full, it’s really about perspective isn’t it.

Feeling Unhappy April 15, 2010

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I’m losing my roomie and the choices are dim, most likely I’ll have to move office AGAIN this will be 3rd time and it’s either move in with Mei Hui (kinda yay but…) and the other M (kinda major nay…) but it’s a horrible dark corner and it’s not fair, I want a window (spoilt right?) and plus I don’t think I can deal with the other M’s continued whining and bitching, I feel depressed just thinking about it. The other option is to “shack up” with… sigh… he’s nice and all but the humour is trying at times and he’s… he’s just not Mariana :(.

Now I usually embrace change, I just thought that the next time I packed up my desk it would be me in a new, exciting job closer to home 😦 not another office or two down. Perhaps this is a sign…

The one move I’m looking forward to is taking AGES!! AGES I TELL YOU!! More soon.

Gotta Clean… March 11, 2010

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It’s time to pick up the D40x and give it a spring clean, it’s been chucked aside and I’ve only been using my Canon G10 because it’s just easier with baby in tow. But Phuket beckons and I was actually entertaining the idea of leaving the DSLR at home but me, on a holiday with just one camera? No way. Which reminds me…where the hell is my lomo?

I also need to really clean my bike!! Don’t think I’ll have the time or energy to do it when I get back from my holiday and the ‘race’ is that weekend!! I know I’m an idiot for signing up cos my body is weak… but the mind is willing A lil mini won’t kill me… right? RIGHT? But it would suck to come in last 😦

OCBC Birthday Surprise January 6, 2010

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I don’t have an OCBC card, account etc and I had thought about it…would they really give someone a cake on their birthday, even a cupcake also can…. this would be hilarious to try wouldn’t it, there should be a law in Singapore about false advertising.

The Weather June 24, 2009

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I know this site is kinda dead. I have baby brain and I haven’t done anything exciting in months. I’m craving a night out with the girls with drinks (like booze, not milkshake) and dancing, making fun of people, bitching the fugly-ness on the dance floor, durian, a cycling trip to Ubin, wakeboarding session, a huge seafood dinner and a massage where I can lie down on my tummy!

Now I shall proceed to talk about the weather… I think  the haze is coming back. This is my last week at gym and all I have now is a weekly swimming session and lotsa walks but I have asthma and the haze is just descending at a wrong time (I know there is no right time)! Argh. This sucks ass! I need to gain access to another gym if the haze gets worse. Blah.

Dinner June 10, 2009

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Nothing beats the  mid-week blues than dinner (I wish I could say drinks) with friends. Met Shirene and Ann for dinner at Pasta Brava to celebrate Shirene turning 30 REAL SOON and it was as usual fun. It’s a lil tradition we started 2/3 years back, we bring Shirene out everytime she gets a lil older. 🙂

Happy Birthday Shirene… for Friday!