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I Miss… November 23, 2010

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I miss… in no particular order

1. Jumping

2. Running

3. Wakeboarding

4. Drinking a cup of coffee, a Coke Zero and a Teh Ping less sugar, a Rootbeer Float in a single day

5. Just shopping and wasting time in Orchard Road

6. Swimming with my dogs

7. Long pointless conversations on  the phone

8. Dancing to loud music aka clubbing

9. Drinking … ok this one not so much cos I do still indulge but control is key and it sucks when someone pours me something yummy and I have to stop at a glass

10. Doing nothing and not feeling like shit about it



Anyhoo October 29, 2010

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I know not one really cares and hardly anyone visits this site but I managed to import all my old post from my msn spaces website to wordpress. I’m so happy.

Can you imagine I’ve been blogging since 1999!! My first blog was on Geocities!! You’d have 9MB of space and that’s it, so every month I’d have to make room and if you didn’t kinda understand html your site would kinda suck. Now things are wayyyy easier these days.

Was reading some entries from 2005 and whoa the difference 5 years makes. I do kinda miss my financial and travel freedom, those were the days I could go on a trip to Bangkok and my account would barely take a hit. Reno loans, Ry’s school, daycare, helper etc etc… have replace those things. So I’m glad I got to travel a little, party some and experience all the heartache, weirdos, disappointments etc etc which have made my history interesting, worth telling and made me who I am today.  So one day when Rylen comes back sloshed and bitching about men and how fucked up they are or how life sucks, I know that it does get better… heck, it gets down right wonderful.

Farts and Such April 23, 2008

Posted by Marie in Singleton.
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It cracks me up everytime R’s mom tells me that stinky farts are a good enough reason for divorce. Saturday I’ll be getting my nails done with the MIL at Snails, should be interesting… how do I break it to her that her son’s farts could wake the dead and make them throw up….
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L4, 250 cals burnt (took it slow)
Ab Side Twisty Thing :: 15reps x 25, 15 reps x 30, 15 reps x 27.5
Inner and Outer Thighs :: 20reps x 33 x 3sets each

The Supastar is Gonna Get Married October 9, 2007

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Sye did this for me, can’t believe I haven’t put it up till now. Loves it.

Red Alert August 2, 2006

Posted by Marie in Singleton.

bubblegumwax writes:

hiya! time sure flies 😦 we’re already midway through the year and nothing "exciting" has happened in my life as of yet 🙂 have decided to be more proactive and am thus browsing through the net in the hope of finding someone who is open minded, interesting and spontaneous to help liven up my life, and hopefully i’ll do the same for her 🙂 and i must say that your pic did catch my eye and perk my interest. haha! if u’re keen to enter into a realm of the unknown and take a chance in getting to know me, pls do reply or sms me at 8107-xxxx and i’ll be more than happy to send you my pics. who knows, you might be in for a pleasant surprise ***wink***

I hate the terms

1. OPEN MINDED – right…

2. LIVEN UP? wtf

3.Perk my interest? Ew.. I don’t want to perk anything of yours!

4. Pleasant surprise after seeing his photo? I doubt it.

Most of the time I’m happy that I’m kinda single and all but then freaks send me messages like this… I get worried… very worried …like is this all that’s left?

I Need a Muffin June 27, 2006

Posted by Marie in Singleton.
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It’s sucks that a silly phone call can reduce me to high school excitement and nervousness, I’m just thankful he was all giggles too. I also wish he’d get his damn ass over here. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with me that I can’t seem to make any connections with men in this country! I mean these are Asian dudes after all…. this is becoming an issue….why? cos if I don’t get a Stud Muffin (cringe) pronto I’m gonna scream. 
okay…. rant over. 

Things that make you go hmmm May 10, 2006

Posted by Marie in Singleton.
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Valska wrote on her blog
 ‘Why can’t men understand that sometimes strong women need a safe place to crumble.’

Finally watched the movie Crash.
I gotta say, I liked it. I mean it’s 4am and I stayed awake to finish
it (gotta return the DVD tmr). Yes, it’s a tad bit simplistic but it
kinda rings true. Go borrow it if you haven’t already. Oh and I really
loved the Stereophonics track at the end ‘Tomorrow’.


I Want A Pretty Boy April 12, 2006

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I have a fantasy and it involves Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 
It goes like this… Pretty Boys Seeks Pretty Girl (that being me of course).
ahahahaha. Slobber.

Dissatisfied April 7, 2006

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Not sure what’s wrong with me or it’s just that time of the month but I feel dissatisfied. I know that when you think about it, there’s always going to be someone in a worse position, an unhappier place, poorer, uglier etc… but what about the billion who have it better than you (me)? It’s come to the point where I want/need more. I want a love that last and I want my own dwelling! I saw this lovely apartment, a large-ish bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and a small pocket to put a sofa. Perfect just for me and about half a room larger than my bedroom now. There’s just this very intense need to be independent…maybe it’ll pass, I dunno. I do know that I’ve opened a new savings account and intend to get my own place in 5 years for sure. One step at a time I suppose.

Dogs, Rabbits & Bears March 14, 2006

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Okay… it’s been an odd day. From a friend writing to me about dogs and rabbits playing in the sand in India, to me watching America’s Funniest Animal Videos (whatever it’s called) there was this dog and rabbit playing… I was amused cos Giggs would have killed the rabbit in 5 seconds flat…. to this…. and it’s an approved ad in Singapore!! Seriously…how is it Romancing Singapore?
Okay… I had to check out the site… I can’t believe Vibrators have gone wireless. ahahahaha. I’m seriously amused! So the next time you’re on a bus and the girl next next to you has a silly smile on her face, you know now know why.