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Pump it October 24, 2008

Posted by Marie in Training.
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Boy, I’m glad it’s Friday. Been so tired, I think my body is fighting off the flu or something my neck is hurting badly. I just need to stay fit till the 26 Oct and get better by the 1 Nov. Got it body? Ok, I’m going nutters. I’m looking forward to the run this weekend, should be interesting, I’m aiming for 40 – 45 minutes cos if not, I’m gonna be disappointed and grumpy and I’m having a family party on Sunday so I gotta be all happy happy joy joy.
Cos I’ve been a slight slacker this week, I have to go for pump on Sat  but what pleased me was that I FINALLY managed to complete my 5km on a threadmill in 35mins 7 secs. I’m ignoring the 7 seconds. Gonna try to run maybe 2/ 2.4 km outdoors this evening.
Run :: 3km, 20 mins
Cycle :: 10 km, 22 mins (thighs turned to stone when I was done, scary)
Run :: 5km, 35 mins 07 sec
Ab Twisty thing :: 30, 15 reps on each side x 3 sets
Situps (legs up) :: 200 (25 x 8sets)

Run Lola Run June 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Training.
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So I did another 3K run last night with Stomper. She’s a great running buddy, she never says I’m too slow, never makes me wait, the only problem she has is that she attracts ants like no other dog on earth. So at least twice while running I have to pick out an ant or two and the lactate build up is no fun. Anyways, I’m so not a runner, it’s either one of these scenarios:-
A) I’m running, I feel stronger, this feels sooo good…. after 5 mins…. I’m running, my chest is hurting, it’s burning, crap, I have to start walking, damn this darn asthma… so I do the whole walk run thing as usual and I’m feeling very annoyed cos all I wanna do is run run run
B) I’m running, my breathing is great, deep breaths, lungs are clear… but wait my legs, feel like they weigh a ton, it’s the slowest freaking run ever, I keep running, hardly needing to stop and I remember how I made fun of the way my Daddy used to run *hangs head in same*. My arms are doing most of  the work they seem to be solely responsible for keeping the rusty engine called my body, moving. Tres Sad. But at least it worked up one major kinda sweat.

Tri and Tri Again July 30, 2007

Posted by Marie in Training.
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The results aren’t out yet and frankly I shudder at how badly I did so …hmm. The Sprint in September is a no go, I need to train much harder.
Weather was bad, coldish & damp. It was so muddy it even made the bfren grumpy. Basically, the sea was colder than usual, I didn’t warm up much cos I was rushing to the correct starting line (went to the wrong side…cos it had a big ass banner stating START). I couldn’t really feel anything when the horn blew and I hit the water, I knew I was in the water and I know I was swimming but my limbs were numb till someone kicked me in the gut. Tried to swim freestyle but too many swipes at my face so I focused on breaststroke instead. Running out was a chore and the mud didn’t help. It’s annoying but my body refused to comprehend and get into race mode, people told me I looked relaxed  I was really trying to hurrythefuckup.
Needless to say I’m a tad bit disappointed but I do hope I improved in the swim and cycle bits cos I know my run was shite.
P/S: Did you know that a woman needs to exercise regularly before she hits 30 or she has an 60% higher chance of getting Osteoporosis. And I mean a combination of yoga (or stretching), running or walking or dancing (weight bearing exercise…does NOT incl. swimming) and weights (does not have to be heavy) 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Oh and smoking, coffee and drinking just make it worse.
I share cos I care and I don’t want to be seen with bent up old crones when I’m 60.

Swim February 23, 2007

Posted by Marie in Training.
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Swim – 25m x 18 laps
So it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done laps, after the 4th lap, I was dying! Seriously, I kid you not, my muscles were like … wtf M, are you crazy, there’s too much movement going on, ease up, stoppppppp!! So I stopped for a minute, stretched a lil more and it was good from then on. This was pure stamina training cos I had Long John Silvers for dinner after. ahaha. And yes, I am disappointed with myself, Bad Bad Marie… no one likes a fat bride…. ok, chubby bride. Blah.