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I Miss… November 23, 2010

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I miss… in no particular order

1. Jumping

2. Running

3. Wakeboarding

4. Drinking a cup of coffee, a Coke Zero and a Teh Ping less sugar, a Rootbeer Float in a single day

5. Just shopping and wasting time in Orchard Road

6. Swimming with my dogs

7. Long pointless conversations on  the phone

8. Dancing to loud music aka clubbing

9. Drinking … ok this one not so much cos I do still indulge but control is key and it sucks when someone pours me something yummy and I have to stop at a glass

10. Doing nothing and not feeling like shit about it



The Weekend Just August 23, 2010

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I swear two day weekends are just too too too short. On Sat we attended Growing Up Gifted’s trial class, I’m pretty happy with it, the teachers are nice and they speak well. Rylen also connected with a lil girl there… till she pulled her hair :(.  A few minutes at the play gym and then we headed for lunch. It is a joy to have lunch with her these days since we can give her a lil of something or another from our plates and it keeps her happy.

Dropped her off at home for her nap and we head down to Middle Road to get party supplies, it’s not easy this Minnie Mouse theme, everything is MICKEY! Blah. Had about 15 minutes to lie in bed before she got home from her trip to the park and the madness starts again :).

Sunday, R dragged me to Orchard to help him get pants and he decided that nothing was to his liking and/or everything was too expensive, sigh. We did get her stuff:- her own fork and spoon, crayons, a stuffed unicorn which for some reason I want to name Unagi could be due to this *click* har har heh.

Did manage to get in a nap, oh bliss… till the rag and bone man came *honk honk honk* so annoying and if that doesn’t get to you, Deza stomping around and singing will, sigh. A walk to park with the two mad dogs and the very quiet baby girl and I was soooo tired.

It’s still not over cos I had promised Axl Liver Treats for his birthday, so while cooking dinner I’m blending stinky liver, adding oats and wholemeal and eggs and oil and then kneading the smell mixture into little balls, gag. I really do love my dogs. They (the dogs) then spent the rest of the hour watching the oven and Stomper was left to ‘guard’ the treats and Axl was sent to beg.

Did I mention that Rylen’s 6th tooth is making an appearance so she woke up at 10pm, 2am and 5.30am oh and that I had/have 2 boring meetings to attend…zzzzzzzzzz. 5 hours sleep is just not enough.

Musting August 20, 2010

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I love my friends I really do but sometimes I look at facebook and there this other group of old schoolmates; NCC girls and they’re big group and still close and they all go on holidays with husbands, boyfriends and kids. Everyone seems happy and it blows my mind. How freaking wonderful. But then again those are just pictures right, who knows what goes on… but they seem connected in so many ways.

I dunno maybe when more of my friends have kids or get married things will slowly go in that direction but for now I have to remind myself that no one is perfect, I know I’m not so maybe everyone should be cut some slack. I just wish that when people made remarks they would think about what they were saying cos you know karma is a bitch. Now, nice thoughts about how wonderful my friends are in all other ways.

2012 August 10, 2010

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If I weren’t in my current situation – loans, baby, etc…  I would so leave this bullshit and do something else. But… for now I have to grin and bear it…. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Axl and that Old Hag July 21, 2010

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Rylen was a joy last night.

Of course, something has to HAPPEN… this time it was Axl, the dude is an over sensitive asshole, yes, I’m that annoyed. Now, I’m all for letting my dogs off the leash cos I trust them enough to know that 1. they aren’t going to bite anyone 2. they won’t run away 3. they come back when called. So especially when it’s late and hardly anyone’s around, freedom is great joy. Axl the Asshole however…. grrr… all I did was tell him No, stop barking and he got all upset and decided he didn’t want to come within 50 meters of me, ass….. hole right? *rolls eyes*.

Then to add to this a naggy old woman with a very cute but VERY smelly  retriever starts giving me grief about leashing him and OHMYGAWD I’m TRYING, can you NOT see, I’m TRYING. 5 minutes later and we’re closer to my place and I know I need the husband’s help cos well, the lil bastard ain’t gonna wanna be going into the lift with me. So I’m waiting under my block, Stomper’s off the leash and Axl is 50 meters away. And the stupid old women comes and again…. sigh. So this time she starts nagging at R and threatens to complain.

OW – I’ve asked you to leash your dog many times
M – have you not seen me try?
OW – I don’t care
M – What?!
OW – what if your dog bites me?
M – are you crazy, he’s smaller than a cat and he’s only trying to make frens with your dog!
OW – that’s not my business
M – ok, then go AWAY
OW – leash your dog
M – seriously, you need to shower your dog
OW – that’s not your business
M – it kinda is cos it’s animal abuse
OW – leash your dog
M – ohmygawd woman, I’ve been trying to do just that, now go away and mind your own business
OW – I’m gonna complain
M – go ahead
OW – I am
M – I said go AHEAD

Fact is, she can complain but she’s not suppose to keep a retriever in a flat either and OHMYGAWD I WAS TRYING TO LEASH THE BLACK BASTARD UP!! He was also punished and will not be off the leash for a week.

Note to oneself – Do not ever become like that, EVER!!

Feeling Unhappy April 15, 2010

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I’m losing my roomie and the choices are dim, most likely I’ll have to move office AGAIN this will be 3rd time and it’s either move in with Mei Hui (kinda yay but…) and the other M (kinda major nay…) but it’s a horrible dark corner and it’s not fair, I want a window (spoilt right?) and plus I don’t think I can deal with the other M’s continued whining and bitching, I feel depressed just thinking about it. The other option is to “shack up” with… sigh… he’s nice and all but the humour is trying at times and he’s… he’s just not Mariana :(.

Now I usually embrace change, I just thought that the next time I packed up my desk it would be me in a new, exciting job closer to home 😦 not another office or two down. Perhaps this is a sign…

The one move I’m looking forward to is taking AGES!! AGES I TELL YOU!! More soon.

Time just slipped passed me August 19, 2009

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So, I set my alarm last night, woke up on time, no need to snooze, so I packed my breakfast, gave the dogs their vitamins and a treat, showered, washed my hair and wondered why it was so bright. Passed 7 clock and figured it was wonky… passed another…hmmm… got back in my room and realised that I had missed the bus because I was already 25 mins behind time. I just stood there and wondered WTF? I mean seriously, did I fall asleep in the loo something?

Checked my mobile and it showed 7.10am and the clock 7.35am. Then I figured it out. I took out my sim card to try and teach my Dad how  to use my old phone (long story) and I guess when I put it back into my phone the time lapsed… I didn’t even know that happens! Then again, yesterday I was looking at my calendar and I was on the wrong date!! I was thinking it is Tuesday right? right? Cos it says Thursday on my phone and I didn’t do anything different! I tell ya,  someone is trying to fuck with me …grrrr.

Back to Work… tomorrow July 21, 2009

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Back to work tomorrow and I’m dreading waking up at 6.30am it’s been so nice waking up at 7.45am and having a nice breakfast with the husband. Back to sitting in a bus next to a boy with a big ass, who sleeps with his mouth open and blocks the passing view of East Coast, back to the shrill voice of the next-door neighbour, back to lunching with people you don’t really wanna spend time with, leaving the desk at 6.03pm sharp or else end up running to catch the bus home or worst taking the MRT, where it’s one thing when people don’t wanna give up their seat (I’m totally fine with it, I can stand thankyouverymuch) but don’t stare or worse fall asleep just because I’m in front of you… you’re an asshole, I can deal with that fact and can’t you, being too tired to stay awake pass 11pm.

Sigh, what was I thinking?!! Maybe it’s just nice to have stuff to bitch about :P.

The Weather June 24, 2009

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I know this site is kinda dead. I have baby brain and I haven’t done anything exciting in months. I’m craving a night out with the girls with drinks (like booze, not milkshake) and dancing, making fun of people, bitching the fugly-ness on the dance floor, durian, a cycling trip to Ubin, wakeboarding session, a huge seafood dinner and a massage where I can lie down on my tummy!

Now I shall proceed to talk about the weather… I think  the haze is coming back. This is my last week at gym and all I have now is a weekly swimming session and lotsa walks but I have asthma and the haze is just descending at a wrong time (I know there is no right time)! Argh. This sucks ass! I need to gain access to another gym if the haze gets worse. Blah.

I Baked a Cake that Stuck May 26, 2009

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I don’t know why but every time I’m on leave I find myself busier and more tired than I am when I’m at work! Here’s my proof…

Friday, I wake up super early, walk the dogs and have breakfast. Thinking that the new vet I’m made an appointment with is 10 minutes away (I checked the website and rang the correct number), I decide to walk both the dogs there… only to find that… the vet has moved to a nearby but not near enough neighbourhood for me to walk to!! Argh. Thank goodness my dear MIL has the car so she picks us up and we get there in a piece. Since Stomper’s there she gets her yearly shot too. Now being late getting Axl in and getting Stomper sorted has blown my timetable. I’m suppose to be getting my hair done at 10.30am! So I get home, shower cos it’s so darn hot, grab a cab and I’m back at Tampines  at 11.15 am, I got my hair, cut, coloured, highlighted and washed for 138 bucks… how that’s a steal and they weren’t playing the Best of Michael Learns to Rock!! Yay!

So now I’m running really late and I had an appointment to have a tour of the hospital at 1.50pm and I left the salon at 1.35pm, the husband can only drive so fast. So ok, missed it and we wait to see my doctor…. who is in delivery and will be late which causes my bloody pressure to spike to 135! Retest. ahahaha. So we wait. We leave and it’s about time to go get Axl, yay. But first, I need to get Buttermilk and I’ll explain why soon. So we get to the vet at 4.40pm and we have  to wait and wait and then they call for Lucky’s owners and I’m weird like that but I wanna see what Lucky looks like…. wait a minute.. I see Axl, so unless Lucky, who I happen to know is a cat and Axl are related… which would explain a lot about Axl in general… there’s been a mistake. Of course the owners walk all the way into the vet’s office just to exclaim “That’s not our cat!!”…. you  think? I get home and have to boil chicken and brown rice for Axl. The great thing is; that he seems fine, so we have an hour nap. The rest of the night was rather uneventful, thank goodness.

Saturday, I wake up super early again cos I need to make sure Axl can pee and poo and in general see if he’s in any pain. It’s early and I’m bored so I decide to make Smitten Kitten’s Raspberry Buttermilk Cake. I start this knowing I have to go to the gym before lunch… Everything seems to go according to plan and I’m liking the smells. Now I’ve been baking and cooking since I was 12 and so far I’ve had 2 failures – chocolate chip cookies and muffins. I’ve gotten over the failed CCCookies and I will never make muffins or cakes from a box ever again. I’m sad to say, this cake failed. It smelt heavenly, it taste so bloody good but it stuck to every side and bottom possible making it the fugliest cake EVER. I’m crushed, really I am, my cupcake versions stuck, my cake in the pan stuck… sigh. However, it is so darn good I wanna try again. Anyways, I sulk for 30 mins then pack my stuff and go to the gym for a great workout… after which, we reward ourselves by having Carl’s Jr burgers which are freaking awesome. Oh I forget to mention I also need to cook dinner at my Mom’s place that evening. ahahaha. So we get home, I crash for an hour and off we go with the dogs to see my parents. I make lean pork loin chops, baby spinach and mashed potatoes with red wine pineapples. Healthy-ish. I serve my fug cake anyways.

Sunday, up by 7.30am again cos I’m just worried about Axl, he walks a lil funny but once he’s pooped he’s all good. I have brunch with the girls to celebrate Ann turning 30!! and together with Stef who’s birthday (BTW) is today!! Then we go ‘sing’ karaoke. Now I can’t sing, I know this… neither can I rap and I’m basically tone deaf but I will sing and rap cos I hate just sitting there. The highlight was getting Ann to sing with a Hong Kong accent, I laughed so hard I was worried I’d pee in my pants (frankly, these days it wouldn’t surprise me). I finally got home and into bed for my nap(2 hours this time) at 5.30pm! Now usually I hate taking a nap so late but I needed it.

That, folks was my crazy weekend… imagine I really thought I could add in a swim in there somewhere…. I am not Amy.